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Palette: Colorize Photos


Palette is an AI tool that colorizes black and white photos, offering users the ability to transform their images into vibrant, lifelike colors. By uploading a photo, choosing a filter, and possibly adjusting keywords, users can see their old moments in realistic hues.

Features & Benefits

  • Bulk Colorization: Colorize over 1 million images per day, ideal for large projects or archives.
  • Video Integration (Beta): Colorize video frames in SD, HD, or 4K, already utilized by major production companies.
  • App Integration: Direct integration into iPhone photos, Google Drive, and photo apps.
  • High-Resolution Support: Up to 4K for images and video frames.
  • Extensive Format Compatibility: Supports a wide range of image formats.
  • Customization Options: Automated prompts, custom prompts, and reference images for tailored colorization.
  • Prompt Generator: Automatically generates up to 120 prompts for various colorization tests on a single image.
  • Temporal Coherence: Improved consistency for video frames using previous frames as reference.

Palette Platforms

  • Web app, Integration with iPhone photos, Google Drive

Palette Tasks

  • Colorize black and white photos
  • Colorize video frames
  • Bulk colorize images
  • Customize colorization with filters and prompts

Palette Integrations

  • iPhone photos
  • Google Drive
  • Photo apps

Real-world applications

Palette’s technology transforms black and white photos into colored versions, making it invaluable for historians revisiting archival images, genealogists breathing life into family heirlooms, or artists seeking inspiration from the past. Imagine a filmmaker restoring vintage footage for a documentary, or a family seeing their ancestors in color for the first time. Boldly, imagine using Palette to colorize the first moon landing, presenting it in a school project as if broadcasted live in color – with aliens photobombing in the background for a playful twist.

Who is Palette for

  • Historians
  • Genealogists
  • Filmmakers
  • Artists
  • Photography enthusiasts

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceCreditsAdditional Info
Free Trial$01Watermark, Lower resolution, Ads
Subscription$9/month40 per monthWatermark-free, Pro features, No Ads
One-Time$4975 onceValid for 2 years, Limited Ads

Palette Free version – Not available



  • Potential privacy concerns with uploading personal photos.
  • Learning curve for deep customization features.
  • Compatibility with specific image formats and resolutions.

Potential Future Developments

Enhancing video frame consistency could be a significant addition, allowing for seamless colorization of longer video sequences. Improving the AI’s understanding of historical context for even more accurate color predictions could further tailor its application for educational or documentary purposes.

Discover how Palette’s AI photo colorization can transform your black and white memories into vibrant, realistic colors.

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