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Olympia: Team of Expert AI Assistants for Your Business

AI assistants for business by Olympia


Olympia is a platform that equips businesses with AI assistants, each a specialist in different areas such as strategy, marketing, content creation, legal consulting, and software development. These AI team members offer personalized support, capable of conducting real-time web searches, managing outbound emails, and remembering every interaction to tailor their advice and services to your specific business needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-Time Web Research: Utilizes Google search and PerplexityAI for accurate, instant information retrieval and analysis.
  • Outbound Email Capability: Automates email communication, allowing for efficient outreach and follow-up with third parties.
  • Multi-User Conversations: Supports collaborative interaction, enabling team discussions with input from AI consultants.
  • Long-Term Memory: Maintains a comprehensive record of all discussions, ensuring advice and responses are contextually relevant.
  • Humanized Interaction: AI consultants interact in a natural, conversational manner, adapting to your business’s needs and preferences.

Olympia Platforms

  • Web app

Olympia Tasks

  • Conducting in-depth web research and summarization
  • Drafting and sending outbound emails
  • Facilitating multi-user chats for collaborative projects
  • Generating long-form documents and reports
  • Remembering past conversations to provide contextual advice
  • Managing file uploads to support discussions and planning

Olympia Integrations

  • n/a

Team Members and Their Specialties

Olympia introduces a talented roster of AI consultants, each with specific expertise to cater to varied business requirements:

  • Eleni Platoudi – Customer Success Manager
  • Leticia Sanchez – Copywriter
  • Elaine Jusk – Legal Consultant
  • Vash Naidoo – Business & Mindset Coach
  • Chandell Stone – Startup Mentor
  • Calvin Sawyer – Copy Editor
  • Melissa Chang – Social Media Specialist
  • Sid Kapoor – Content Specialist
  • Camille O’Neill – PR Specialist
  • Mike Nichols – Pair Programmer
  • Roni Diaz – Executive Assistant
  • Manika Rice – Communications Specialist
  • Anand Purashi – SEO Expert
  • Beatrice Chapelle – Marketing Strategist
  • Salem Tremaine – Sales Consultant
  • Fila Monti – Business Strategist

This diverse array of AI consultants ensures that Olympia can offer specialized support across all facets of business operations, from strategizing and marketing to content creation and legal advisories.

Real-world Applications

Businesses, especially startups and solopreneurs, can leverage Olympia for strategic planning, executing marketing campaigns, drafting legal documents, and more. Its capacity to remember every interaction means businesses have a digital consultant that grows with them, learning and adapting to their evolving needs. For example, when planning a new marketing strategy, Olympia can assist by researching competitors, generating content ideas, and even drafting email campaigns. Legal consultants can offer preliminary advice on contracts, saving time before involving human lawyers. Startups can have brainstorming sessions, where the AI assistants can contribute by pulling in relevant data or suggesting strategies based on industry trends. Additionally, the ability to remember details from previous conversations makes Olympia an efficient tool for ongoing projects or long-term strategy development.

Imagine Olympia’s role in a product development cycle, where it could offer market insights, draft product descriptions, and even manage email campaigns for product launch, effectively acting as an extension of your team.

Who is Olympia for

  • Solopreneurs
  • Bootstrapped startups
  • Teams looking for AI-backed business consultancy

Pricing & Discount

Basic$20/monthWeb search, Long-term memory, Outbound email, 3 Team Members
Growth$39/monthAll in Basic plus Long-form writing, Expanded context, 6 Team Members
Pro Plus$67/monthAll in Growth plus File uploads, Enhanced memory, 12 Team Members

Olympia Free version

Not available



  • Data privacy and security, especially with outbound emails.
  • Potential for information overload or misinterpretation without human oversight.
  • Integration with existing tools and systems might require additional setup.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced analytical capabilities to offer deeper insights into business data.
  • Improved integration with CRM and project management tools for a seamless workflow.
  • Voice command features for hands-free operation, expanding accessibility and convenience.

Olympia is strategically designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses, offering a blend of expertise across various domains to support growth and operational efficiency.

Meet Your New AI Team – Get started with Olympia’s specialized AI assistants and elevate your business strategy today.

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