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Netus AI paraphrasing platform


Netus AI is a specialized paraphrasing, summarization and AI detection tool designed to assist in content creation, marketing, and research tasks. It harnesses machine learning algorithms for the automatic generation of high-quality, unique text content. The platform operates as a web app, offering a range of paraphrasing models with various parameters tailored for specific content needs.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Driven Paraphrasing: Utilizes a model trained on large datasets to generate text that maintains original meaning while presenting it uniquely.
  • Summarization Tools: Efficiently distills long documents into shorter, more digestible summaries, aiding in research and content curation.
  • AI Detector: Identifies and differentiates between human-written and AI-generated content with 99% accuracy, making it a versatile AI tool in academic and professional settings.
  • AI Bypass Feature: Allows the generated content to escape detection algorithms, ideal for content that requires discretion.
  • Custom Fine-Tuning: Provides an option to fine-tune the AI model with your voice style, maintaining original tone and style.
  • High Volume Capacity: Supports up to 150,000 words per request, accommodating high-volume needs.
  • Watermark Remover: Offers the ability to remove ChatGPT watermarking from the text, adding an extra layer of content uniqueness.

Paraphrasing models

  • C7-N1: The primary model, focuses on rewriting content with active language, varied grammar, and a human-like writing style. Built on 7 different parameters.
  • G9-R1: Designed to avoid AI detection algorithms. Reshapes content using 9 different language techniques, ensures natural sentence structure, and avoids similarities.
  • V7-N2: Focuses on word selection, synonym substitution, and logical sentence restructuring to produce plagiarism-free content.
  • A12-AD: Utilizes 12 parameters to avoid AI detection and plagiarism while maintaining quality and readability.
  • Netus AI Bypassers (V30-V50): Newly launched, these versions are engineered to bypass any AI detector, including Turnitin, Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, Winston AI, and Originality AI.

Real-world Applications

Netus AI serves a range of professionals in the digital space, including digital marketers, content marketers, founders, SEO specialists, and copywriters. It significantly boosts content output, making it invaluable for fast-paced industries. Its applications span beyond simple content generation, offering utility for academic research, content curation, and even aiding in litigation processes by identifying AI-generated content.

Netus scenarios

Here are some ideas of how can this AI tool be put to use.

Academic Paper Revisions
Students looking to submit their papers to Turnitin can use the Netus AI Bypasser (V30-V50) to bypass plagiarism checks, ensuring the uniqueness of the content without sacrificing quality.

Social Media Posts
Social media managers can use C7-N1 to rewrite promotional posts, making them fresh and engaging across different platforms.

Legal Document Editing
Lawyers can use V7-N2 to rephrase sensitive legal documents, maintaining the integrity of the language while ensuring it remains distinct and plagiarism-free.

News Article Republishing
Journalists can use G9-R1 to alter syndicated articles enough to avoid copyright issues while preserving the core information and writing style.

Software Code Comments
Developers can use A12-AD to rewrite comments within the codebase, making the documentation more readable without being flagged by internal quality checks.

SEO Content Creation
SEO experts can use C7-N1 or A12-AD to generate multiple versions of SEO-targeted content, each unique enough to be indexed separately by search engines.

Script Rewriting for Voiceovers
Voiceover artists can use V7-N2 to rewrite scripts, ensuring the dialogue is crisp, free of repetition, and easily understandable.

Scientific Article Summarization
Researchers can use G9-R1 to condense lengthy scientific articles into summaries, transforming complex jargon into layman’s terms without losing contextual meaning.

Book Summary Production
Publishers can use A12-AD to create brief yet comprehensive book summaries that maintain the essence of the original work without triggering copyright issues.

E-commerce Product Descriptions
Online retailers can use Netus AI Bypassers to generate multiple unique product descriptions, making it easier to list the same product on multiple platforms without SEO penalties for duplicate content.


Netus AI offers different pricing tiers:

  • Starter Package ($19): Includes unlimited AI detector usage, 10,000 credits, AI detection bypasser/AI humanizer for 100,000 words, and more.
  • Premium Package ($39): Comes with 30,000 credits, AI detection bypasser/AI humanizer for 300,000 words, and additional benefits.
  • Premium+ Package ($99): Offers 100,000 credits, AI detection bypasser/AI humanizer for 1,000,000 words, among other features.
PlanPriceNetus AI CreditsFeatures Included
Starter$1910,000Basic paraphrasing
Premium$3930,000Advanced features

They also provide an API access option for integrating the Netus AI paraphrasing technology into your own systems and workflow.

Netus Free version

Not available


One potential limitation of Netus AI is that the paraphrasing model isn’t designed to paraphrase AI-generated content. Therefore, the effectiveness of the paraphrasing model may not be as high when dealing with content originally produced by other AI tools.


As with any service, it is vital to read and understand the Terms of Service (TOS) for Netus AI. This is particularly crucial when considering its Subscription cancellation policy. Users are entitled to a full refund within seven days of their initial purchase, provided they haven’t used the services. However, once any credits have been used or seven days have passed, purchases are final, and no refund will be available. Users can cancel their subscription at any point, but the cancellation will only be effective at the end of the current subscription period, without any refund for that period.

Additionally, users must abide by the rules of academic integrity and misconduct set out by Netus AI. Using the service for activities such as plagiarism or cheating is strictly prohibited. Violation of these rules may lead to termination of service access and possible notifications to academic institutions. Users are liable for any consequences resulting from such academic integrity and misconduct breaches.

The TOS specifies that any disputes related to the service will be governed by the laws of Lithuania and resolved solely through individual arbitration, not through class or consolidated action.

Given these terms, users should be cautious and ethical when using the platform, ensuring they comply with the TOS, including the academic integrity and misconduct rules. They should also be aware of the financial implications of the subscription cancellation policy.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integrated Plagiarism Checker: To enhance its capabilities in academic and professional settings.
  • Multilingual Support: To serve a broader audience by offering multiple language paraphrasing and summarization.


What is AI-driven content marketing?

AI-driven content marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence tools to aid in the creation, distribution, and optimization of content. In the context of Netus AI, this involves using the platform’s paraphrasing and summarizing capabilities to generate high-quality content quickly.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the act of rephrasing text to communicate the same meaning in a different way. Netus AI offers a tool for this purpose, generating rephrased content that retains the original meaning, tone, and style.

What is summarization?

Summarization refers to the process of shortening long pieces of text while preserving the essential information. Netus AI’s summarization model assists users in condensing extensive documents into more manageable summaries.

What are Netus AI credits?

Netus AI credits are a form of in-app currency that users spend to access various features. Different tasks require different amounts of credits, and packages range from Starter to Premium+ levels.

What is an AI detector?

An AI detector identifies content as either human-written or AI-generated. Netus AI’s detector uses advanced technology similar to Turnitin, assessing textual patterns, syntax, and semantics to achieve a 99% accuracy rate.

What is AI detection bypasser?

This feature helps to make AI-generated text undetectable by various AI detection algorithms. Netus AI offers this tool to create content that passes through such algorithms without raising flags.

What is fine-tuning?

Fine-tuning refers to the process of adjusting the AI model to produce text that closely resembles a user’s unique style of writing. Netus AI offers this capability, which helps to make the output more authentic.

What is a watermark remover?

The watermark remover in Netus AI is designed to strip away unique identifiers from text generated by other AI tools like ChatGPT, making the content appear as if it were created by a human.

What does “plagiarism-free” mean?

In the context of Netus AI, “plagiarism-free” refers to the high level of uniqueness in the rephrased or summarized content, making it virtually undetectable by anti-plagiarism software like Turnitin and Copyscape.

What is a model parameter?

In AI, a model parameter is a configuration variable internal to the model and subject to optimization. Netus AI offers different paraphrasing models built on different sets of parameters, each designed to accomplish specific tasks effectively.

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