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Nara: E-commerce AI Sales Associate

Nara is a digital assistant leveraging AI technology to enhance online sales and customer satisfaction. Designed for e-commerce platforms, Nara aims to automate sales and support tasks, providing around-the-clock assistance through various chat channels. By addressing common support queries instantly, Nara claims to significantly boost monthly revenue and extend the reach to potential clients, all while ensuring a human-like interaction experience.

Features & Benefits

Nara introduces several key features designed to streamline customer service and sales processes:

  • Automated actions: The ecom AI chatbot can manage order tracking, cancellations, refunds, and more, facilitating end-to-end workflow automation.
  • Omnichannel human-level support: It integrates with all chat channels, including CRMs, Instagram DMs, email, etc., to offer seamless support.
  • Human touch experience: Nara recreates the comfort of interacting with a sales associate in physical stores, ensuring a more personal customer service experience.

How Nara Works

Nara simplifies the integration of AI-powered customer support and sales assistance into your online store through a straightforward three-step process:

  1. Share Your Knowledge: Begin by selecting how you want the AI sales assistant to learn about your business. This could involve inputting FAQs, product details, or specific service information to ensure Nara understands your business thoroughly.
  2. AI Learning Phase: The tool utilizes the information provided to tailor the AI assistant to your business needs. This learning phase is crucial for ensuring that the responses and support provided are accurate and in line with your brand’s voice and policies.
  3. Integrate Across Channels: Finally, integrate Nara into your preferred customer communication channels. Whether it’s through email, Instagram DMs, or other CRMs, the AI sales assistant seamlessly offers tailored shopping advice, resolves support issues, and facilitates customer checkout, ensuring a consistent and helpful presence across all platforms.

This methodical approach ensures that Nara can offer personalized and efficient support, mirroring the experience of a human sales associate, thus enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction while driving sales.

Nara Platforms

  • Web app

Nara Tasks

  • Answer up to 70% of support questions instantly.
  • Handle order tracking, cancellations, and refunds automatically.
  • Provide tailored shopping advice across all chat channels.
  • Simplify the customer checkout process.
  • Enhance customer engagement with real-time responses.

Nara Integrations

  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • HubSpot
  • Instagram

Real-world Applications

Nara is particularly beneficial for the e-commerce industry, where customer engagement and quick response times are critical. By automating routine inquiries and support tasks, online retailers can focus on scaling their business and enhancing product offerings. The AI sales assistant also finds its place in businesses aiming to expand their reach on social media platforms, providing immediate customer support and sales assistance on Instagram DMs and other channels. The tool’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing platforms makes it a valuable asset for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to improve their customer service without significant investment in additional support staff.

Who is Nara for

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Online retailers
  • SMEs with an online presence
  • Businesses looking to improve customer service on social media

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceQuestions Answered/moAdditional Features
Pro$49250Analytics and Insights Dashboard
Unlimited$99500Analytics, Insights, API access
Enterprise$3992,000Analytics, Insights, API, No Branding

Nara Free version

Not available


While Nara excels in automating customer service tasks, businesses with highly specialized or complex support needs might find its automated responses insufficient. Customization capabilities are available but may require more advanced setup and potentially, additional costs for truly bespoke solutions.


Potential concerns for users might include:

  • Dependence on AI for customer interactions, risking impersonal service if not properly managed.
  • Integration complexities with existing systems, particularly for businesses with unique or custom-built platforms.
  • Data privacy and security, given the sensitive nature of customer interactions and transactions.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements that could benefit Nara users include:

  • Advanced personalization options for even more human-like interactions.
  • Deeper analytics and insights to tailor customer experiences more effectively.
  • Expanded integration capabilities for niche market platforms and services.

Explore how Nara can transform your online customer service and sales. With its AI-powered assistance, your business can provide 24/7 support, automate key workflows, and improve customer satisfaction and revenue.

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