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Nanonets: AI OCR Workflow for Business Automation


Nanonets is a platform that transforms the way businesses manage their data. It uses AI to extract information from various documents and automates repetitive tasks. This tool helps in converting unstructured data from emails, documents, and databases into useful insights, making complex manual workflows simple and efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Powered Data Extraction: Automatically pulls information from over 300 document types, streamlining data processing.
  • Business Process Automation: Empowers businesses to automate intricate workflows without the need for coding, enhancing decision-making speed.
  • OCR & Machine Learning: Utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning for accurate data capture from documents, significantly reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Integrations: Connects with various platforms, enabling a cohesive workflow across different applications.
  • Free Converter Tools: Offers online tools for converting documents to multiple formats, facilitating easy data manipulation. The free AI tools include Online OCR, PDF to Excel, PDF to CSV, Image to Text, Searchable PDF, PDF to JSON, PDF to XML, PDF to Text, PDF Bank Statement Converter, PDF OCR, Barcode Scanner, QR Code Scanner, PDF to Google Docs converter, Image to Excel.

Nanonets Platforms

  • Web app

Nanonets Tasks

  • Extract data from documents, emails, tickets, and databases
  • Convert images and PDFs to editable formats
  • Automate data entry and document processing workflows
  • Capture data from a wide range of document types including insurance claims, bank statements, and more

Nanonets Integrations

  • Bloobirds, Fibery, Typeform, Help Scout, RingCentral, Chargebee, Invoice Ninja, Todoist, Google Play Store, Convertio, Mailchimp, OpenAI, DocuSign, Monday, Drip, Zoom, Leadconnector, Cuttly,, Facebook Lead Ads, Harvest, Linear, CallRail, Google Sheets, Tremendous, Intercom, Whatsapp, HubSpot, Discord, Notion, Trello, Tally, Shopify, Lemlist, Airtable, Google Docs, Phantombuster, Slack, Outlook, SmartSuite, Mem, Mailjet, Affinity, Google Groups, Jira, Webflow, Quickbooks, BambooHR,, Google Tasks, Apollo

Real-world applications

Imagine a law firm inundated with various forms and documents daily. Nanonets can automatically extract data from legal documents, saving hours of manual entry. Or consider a finance department automating the extraction of information from bank statements, reducing errors and freeing up time for more critical tasks.

A zoo could use Nanonets to process animal health records, dietary requirements, and incident reports. Imagine automating the creation of a weekly “Zoo News Digest,” summarizing the antics of animals based on the automated processing of these documents. The headline reads, “Mischief Managed: How AI Keeps Tabs on Our Animal Friends.”

Who is Nanonets for

  • Business analysts
  • Data entry teams
  • HR departments
  • Legal professionals
  • Finance departments
  • IT and tech teams

Pricing & Discount

PlanPricePages includedAdditional features
StarterPay as you goFirst 500 free, then $0.3/pageAuto-capture tables, Limited fields
Pro$999/month/model10,000, then $0.1/pageCustom Data Capture AI, Annotation services

Nanonets Free version

Not available


  • The Starter plan has a limit on the number of pages and fields.
  • Advanced features and integrations are reserved for the Pro plan.


  • Users must evaluate how Nanonets integrates with their existing systems.
  • The accuracy of OCR can vary depending on document quality.
  • Understanding and setting up AI models may require initial learning.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding document type support could broaden usability.
  • Integrating voice recognition for verbal data entry could enhance accessibility.
  • Advanced analytics features for data extracted from documents could offer deeper insights.

Ready to simplify your business processes with AI-driven data extraction and automation? Explore Nanonets today.

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