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NamingMagic: Business Name Generator and Domain Finder


NamingMagic is a targeted business name generator tool, leveraging AI to craft company names with available domain options. It integrates product descriptions and user-suggested keywords to output tailored business names, making it a practical application for startups and established entities seeking a digital presence.

Features & Benefits

  • Business Name Generation: Automated generation of business names using AI algorithms.
  • Domain Search Integration: Simultaneous search for corresponding domain names.
  • Custom Keyword Input: Customization of names using specific keywords for brand alignment.
  • Straightforward Use: Intuitive design for user-friendly experience in business name generation.

These features benefit users by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to come up with a business name.
  • Providing immediate domain name availability to facilitate quick decision-making.
  • Ensuring that generated names resonate with the business’s core concepts.
  • Offering a no-cost alternative to traditional naming services.

Real-world Applications

NamingMagic is versatile, aiding individuals and companies across multiple sectors such as e-commerce, technology, creative agencies, and more. Its effectiveness for those in preliminary business stages or those looking to rebrand makes it a vital tool for rapid and efficient market entry.

Pricing & Discount

Complete AccessFree

As a free-to-use platform, NamingMagic offers full access to all its features without any hidden fees, making it accessible to any business or individual.


The main limitation of NamingMagic lies in its reliance on user input for naming outcomes. The name generation is as effective as the information provided. Furthermore, popular or generic inputs may lead to less distinctive name suggestions.


Regarding NamingMagic, users may be apprehensive about:

  • Data Privacy: The security of their proprietary business ideas.
  • Usability: The ability to produce a wide variety of name options without overcomplication.
  • Compatibility: Seamless operation with other business planning and web development tools.

Potential Future Developments

NamingMagic might expand to offer more nuanced name suggestions, integration with social media handle checking, and the incorporation of industry-specific naming conventions in future iterations.


These are the details and the results from trying out the business name generator:

Description: organic food Japanese restaurant

Keywords: Japanese, Asian, sushi, teryaki, ramen

AI suggested business names (you get 3 per try):

ramenrising (we like this one best, because we like ramen)

You are also offered quick affiliate links to register the respective domains with GoDaddy. There’s no obligation to use them.

How to Use NamingMagic

  1. Input a succinct product or service description.
  2. Add keywords that you want included in the business name.
  3. Evaluate the list of names and available domains.
  4. Choose a name and proceed to domain registration.

Best Practices for NamingMagic

  • Ensure detailed and innovative product descriptions for more creative outputs.
  • Quick domain registration is recommended after finding a suitable name.
  • Utilize the generator multiple times with variations in keywords for best results.

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