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NamingMagic: Business Name Generator with Domain Search


NamingMagic offers a unique solution for creating business names while checking domain availability. It uses AI to generate names based on product descriptions and keywords. This tool is ideal for startups and businesses aiming for a strong online presence.

Features & Benefits

  • Business Name Generation: Utilizes AI to create business names.
  • Domain Search Integration: Checks available domains for the generated names.
  • Custom Keyword Input: Allows the inclusion of specific keywords for personalized names.
  • Straightforward Use: Easy and intuitive interface.

These features help users by:

  • Speeding up the business naming process.
  • Instantly showing domain name availability.
  • Ensuring names reflect the business’s mission.
  • Providing a free naming solution.

NamingMagic Platforms

  • Web app

NamingMagic Tasks

  • Generate business names
  • Search for available domain names
  • Customize business names with keywords

NamingMagic Integrations

  • n/a


These are the details and the results from trying out the business name generator:

Description: organic food Japanese restaurant

Keywords: Japanese, Asian, sushi, teryaki, ramen

AI suggested business names (you get 3 per try):

ramenrising (we like this one best, because we like ramen)

You are also offered quick affiliate links to register the respective domains with GoDaddy. There’s no obligation to use them.

Real-world applications

NamingMagic serves a wide array of sectors, from e-commerce to tech and creative agencies. It’s especially valuable for those at the startup phase or considering rebranding, streamlining the process of entering the market with a relevant name and domain. For the solo entrepreneur brainstorming at midnight, NamingMagic is like the coffee-fueled co-founder without the equity share.

Who is NamingMagic for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Business owners
  • Marketing professionals

Pricing & Discount

Complete AccessFree

NamingMagic Free version



  • Dependence on user input for effective results.
  • May generate less unique names with common keywords.


  • Data Privacy: Security of business ideas.
  • Usability: Generating a diverse array of names.
  • Compatibility: Working alongside other business tools.

Potential Future Developments

Future updates could include more specific name suggestions, checking social media handles, and incorporating industry-specific naming trends to enhance the tool’s utility.

Discover the perfect name for your next venture with NamingMagic, and secure your online domain with ease.

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