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MyTeacherAide: Enhancing Educators’ Efficiency with AI

myteacheraide AI platform for teachers


MyTeacherAide serves as a technologically astute specialized teaching assistant, designed to relieve educators of many administrative burdens and boost their teaching prowess. This AI-backed platform is set to augment the teaching experience by ensuring both educators and their students get the most out of the educational journey. Conceptualized and founded by dedicated Tasmanian high school teachers Paul Matthews and Jacob Skierka, stands as a beacon for the modern educator.

Features & Benefits

These are the key features MyTeacherAide offers:

  • Curriculum Expert: Navigates through expansive curriculum databases from countries like Australia, India, and America, making compliance effortless.
    • Benefit: Provides teachers with up-to-date curriculum information, reducing the time spent on searching and aligning teaching materials.
  • Report & Feedback Writer: Assists educators in rapidly drafting assessment feedback and report comments.
    • Benefit: Allows educators to direct their focus on content nuances rather than figuring out phrasing.
  • Lesson Planner: Empowers teachers to produce well-structured lessons swiftly.
    • Benefit: Minimizes planning duration, letting educators concentrate more on delivery.
  • Parent Communications: Facilitates swift drafting of emails and consent letters.
    • Benefit: Enhances parent-teacher communication by eliminating the hassles of content creation.
  • Resource Generation: Produces a plethora of educational materials such as worksheets, quizzes, text booklets, and one-pagers.
    • Benefit: Saves time and guarantees quality resources tailored for individual classroom needs.
  • Text Differentiation: Adjusts text’s reading level or modernizes content, making it accessible to every student.
    • Benefit: Ensures inclusivity in teaching materials, catering to varied reading capabilities.
My Teacher Aide AI assistant platform for teachers

Real-world Applications

Contextualized Curriculum: An educator in India, teaching a state-specific curriculum, could utilize the platform to swiftly navigate through pertinent modules, ensuring the teaching materials align perfectly.

Assessment Feedback: After an exam, instead of spending exhaustive hours penning feedback for every student, the teacher can leverage the tool to generate precise and personalized comments.

Parent-Teacher Meetings: Prior to the meeting, an educator could utilize the Parent Communications tool to draft informative emails to parents, detailing what to expect and topics of discussion.

Lesson Customization: For a class with mixed reading abilities, Text Differentiation can adjust a common text, ensuring it’s accessible to every student, be it an advanced reader or one requiring more basic language.

MyTeacherAide Scenarios

Interactive Math Exercises for Elementary Students:

An educator at an elementary school is looking to engage young students in math practice. With the assistance of MyTeacherAide, they create interactive math exercises that include visually appealing graphics and interactive elements. These exercises cater to different learning styles and abilities, making math learning enjoyable and effective for every student.

Literature Analysis for High School English Class:

A high school English teacher is tasked with analyzing complex literature texts with their students. Using MyTeacherAide’s text differentiation feature, the teacher adjusts the reading level of the text to suit both advanced readers and those who need more simplified content. This ensures that all students can actively participate in thoughtful discussions about the literary work.

Individualized Learning Paths for Special Education:

A special education teacher wants to create individualized learning paths for students with diverse learning abilities. MyTeacherAide’s features allow the teacher to generate tailored resources, including worksheets and reading materials, to meet each student’s specific needs. This personalized approach fosters a supportive learning environment for all students.

Efficient Parent-Teacher Communication:

As parent-teacher meetings approach, an educator uses MyTeacherAide’s Parent Communications tool to draft comprehensive emails to parents. The tool helps the teacher communicate upcoming topics, assignments, and discussion points, ensuring productive and informed parent-teacher interactions.

Streamlined Lesson Planning for New Educators:

A newly hired teacher is overwhelmed by the demands of lesson planning. MyTeacherAide’s Lesson Planner feature comes to the rescue, enabling the teacher to quickly structure well-organized lessons. This allows the educator to focus more on refining the teaching content rather than spending excessive time on planning.

Global Curriculum Adaptation:

An educator from a different country wants to adapt MyTeacherAide’s resources to align with their national curriculum. Despite the platform’s limited databases, the educator creatively modifies the content using the Resource Generation feature to suit their local requirements, showcasing the platform’s adaptability.

Instant Assessment Feedback:

After conducting a challenging exam, a teacher is concerned about providing timely feedback. MyTeacherAide’s Report & Feedback Writer assists the teacher in generating precise assessment comments efficiently. This ensures that students receive constructive feedback promptly, allowing for continuous learning improvement.

Language Learning for ELL Students:

A language teacher working with English Language Learners (ELL) aims to provide tailored language learning materials. MyTeacherAide’s Text Differentiation feature helps the teacher adjust the reading level of texts, making language learning accessible and engaging for students at various proficiency levels.

Customized Cross-Curricular Projects:

An innovative educator wants to create cross-curricular projects that integrate various subjects. MyTeacherAide’s Resource Generation feature allows the teacher to produce comprehensive project materials, including worksheets, quizzes, and multimedia resources, fostering interdisciplinary learning experiences.

Professional Development and Onboarding:

A group of educators is introduced to MyTeacherAide for the first time. They engage in the platform’s Free Professional Development to learn how to navigate its features effectively. This onboarding process equips them with the skills to integrate AI-powered tools seamlessly into their teaching routines.

Pricing and Discount

Below are the available pricing options for individual use. Schools should contact the sales team for a quote.

FeaturesMonthly SubscriptionAnnual Subscription
Lesson Planner
Curriculum Expert
Quiz Generator
Rubric Generator
Text Leveler
$38 AUD or $26 USD per month $30 AUD or $20 USD per month

MyTeacherAide Free version

Not available


  • Limited Curriculum Databases: Currently covers Australia, India, and America, potentially excluding educators from other regions.
  • Platform Maturity: As it’s in the pilot phase, there might be potential glitches or areas of improvement based on user feedback.


  • Data Privacy: Users might be wary about the privacy of student information and teaching materials processed through the AI system.
  • Usability: As with any new tool, there’s a learning curve which might initially deter non-tech-savvy educators.
  • Compatibility: How well My Teacher Aide integrates with existing educational software and platforms is a valid concern.

Potential Future Developments

Considering the current trajectory of My Teacher Aide:

  1. Geographic Expansion: Integrating more international curricula to cater to educators globally.
  2. Collaborative Features: Enabling educators to work on plans and materials collaboratively in real-time.
  3. Interactive Elements: Incorporating AR or VR to craft interactive lesson plans.

How to Use My Teacher Aide

  1. Onboarding: Take advantage of the Free Professional Development to acquaint yourself with the platform.
  2. Feedback: Regularly provide insights to help shape the tool better during its pilot phase.

Best Practices for MyTeacherAide

  1. Regular Data Back-up: Ensure you back up your teaching materials and student data regularly.
  2. Continued Learning: With evolving AI functionalities, regularly check the tutorial section for updates.


Founded by high school teachers Paul Matthews and Jacob Skierka from the Australian island state of Tasmania, MyTeacherAide stems from their firsthand experience in the teaching profession. The platform addresses the genuine needs of educators and aims to redefine the teaching experience by minimizing administrative burdens and empowering teachers to focus on their true passion: educating students.

AITE Interview

The visionaries behind MyTeacherAide, Australian high school teachers Paul Matthews and Jacob Skierka.

We’ve reached out to Paul and Jacob for a Q&A to give us more details about MyTeacherAide and its future. Lets dive deeper in the realm of AI in education.

Q: Considering you and Jacob hail from a teaching background, what was the pivotal moment or challenge that sparked the idea for MyTeacherAide?

A: Being teachers, we understand the daily struggles of the educator. Jacob and I are both early adopters and naturally inquisitive people. As we started to explore the early versions of generative AI, we saw huge potential for educators. We were actually flipping burgers on my deck when the idea hit us! Once we got the idea in our heads, we couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Q: Could you shed some light on the AI technologies that power MyTeacherAide, especially those that allow such precise differentiation in text and content creation?

A: We built MyTeacherAide to use an OpenAI API key, but we are currently exploring building our own Large Language Model. It’s also worth noting that we have integrated our own curriculum database, meaning that when teachers ask MyTeacherAide to formulate a lesson or unit plan, our AI isn’t going to hallucinate curriculum standards! This will provide educators with a level of functionality and accuracy that generic AI tools simply can’t.

Q: Can you share a success story where MyTeacherAide made a noticeable difference in both a teacher’s workflow and a student’s learning experience?
A: Sure! It’s amazing just how much time teachers are spending on low-level admin tasks. Let me tell you this – no one gets into education because they love keeping their inbox at zero and writing compliance documents. Unfortunately, that’s what we spend most of our time doing! One teacher in our pre-pilot testing suggested he was saving 3.5 hours in basic admin time a week. For a teacher, getting an extra 20 minutes a week is huge, so saving over three hours is a game changer. 

Q: In today’s digital age, concerns about data privacy are paramount. How does My Teacher Aide ensure the security and confidentiality of student information and teaching materials processed through the system?

A: One of the key features of MyTeacherAide is that the data put into our tool is permanently deleted after it has been screened for abuse and misuse. If you put something into a generic AI tool, you don’t know where it’s going or what it’s going to be used for. Our tool affords educators a level of safety and privacy that other tools simply don’t.

Q: Since the platform is in its pilot phase, what kind of feedback have you received from educators so far? Are there specific functionalities they wish to see in the future iterations of the platform?

A: We are getting amazing feedback at the moment. Our Australian trial will start later this year, with North American and Indian trials to follow soon after. As I mentioned, at the moment, we are interfacing with the OpenAI API – Jacob, our CTO, is currently investigating building our own LLM.

We are also investigating a student-friendly AI tool. We are in the early stages of development, and this will become a priority after we have completed our initial pilot testing.

Q: How does MyTeacherAide plan to integrate with existing educational software, LMS platforms, and other tech tools commonly used in educational institutions?

A: Without saying too much, we are looking at some exciting partnerships. Once we have run our pilot program, we’ll be in a position to announce some of these partnerships.

Q: With curriculums currently limited to Australia, India, and the US, what are your plans for expanding to other international curricula? What challenges do you anticipate in this expansion?

A: One of the interesting challenges we have faced so far is getting access to the curricula. Integrating a curriculum into our database is easy on a programming level, but sometimes not so easy from a legal standpoint! There are often copyright and licensing issues that need to be worked through. Building strong relationships with the curriculum authorities will be vital for our expansion.

Q: Looking five years down the line, where do you envision My Teacher Aide? How do you see it evolving and possibly influencing the broader landscape of AI in education?

A: In five years, I would love to see MyTeacherAide being used by 1,000,000 educators. The administrative demands of education are only getting more complex. I’m confident that MyTeacherAide will allow teachers to fast-track their admin so they can get back to what really matters: training and inspiring the next generation.

We thank Paul and Jacob and wish good luck to MyTeacherAide.

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