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Mottle is an AI-powered chatbot solution designed for seamless integration into websites. Its primary function is to provide businesses with an efficient tool to handle customer inquiries without the need for coding expertise. Mottle’s capability to use existing business documentation for training ensures that the chatbot delivers accurate and relevant responses to customer queries. This tool, compatible with various document formats, can be easily installed by copying and pasting HTML code onto a website.

Features & Benefits

  • No-Code Setup: Enables users to create and deploy chatbots with minimal technical know-how.
  • Rapid Deployment: Offers a setup process that takes less than 10 minutes, streamlining the chatbot integration.
  • Document-Based Training: Allows uploading of various document formats (.odt, .txt, .doc, .docx, .png, .jpg, .gif) to train the chatbot, ensuring it provides accurate information.
  • Easy Debugging: Shows the exact documents used for each answer, simplifying the process of refining chatbot responses.
  • Multilingual Support: The chatbot is equipped to handle queries in multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base.
  • GPT4-Turbo Technology: Leverages advanced AI to enhance the quality and relevance of chatbot interactions.

Real-world Applications

Mottle is particularly beneficial for online retail businesses, customer service portals, and information-heavy websites. Its ability to quickly answer customer queries can enhance the user experience on e-commerce platforms, while its multilingual support makes it a valuable asset for global businesses. Additionally, Mottle can be used in educational websites and knowledge bases, where its document-based training ensures accurate information dissemination.

Pricing & Discount

Hobby$49/mo– Up to 2 bots
– Up to 2,000 snippets per bot
– 2,000 queries per month
Pro$149/mo– Up to 5 bots
– Up to 5,000 snippets per bot
– 10,000 queries per month
Business$499/mo– Up to 10 bots
– Up to 15,000 snippets per bot
– 50,000 queries per month
All plans include Zapier Integration, API Access, Website embed widget, Email support


  • Snippet and Query Limits: Depending on the plan, there are restrictions on the number of snippets and queries per month.
  • Potential Complexity in Training: Requires uploading relevant documents, which might be challenging for businesses without organized digital resources.
  • Dependence on Document Quality: The accuracy of chatbot responses is highly dependent on the quality and relevance of the uploaded training documents.


  • Data Privacy: Users might be concerned about the confidentiality of uploaded documents for training the chatbot.
  • Usability for Non-Technical Users: Although Mottle is a no-code tool, users with limited technical experience may find the process of training and debugging the chatbot challenging.
  • Compatibility with Websites: There might be concerns regarding the integration of Mottle with various website platforms and its impact on website performance.

Potential Future Developments

Given the current trajectory of AI tools, Mottle might evolve to include:

  • Enhanced AI Learning Capabilities: To reduce dependence on uploaded documents for training.
  • Broader Integration Options: To seamlessly integrate with a wider range of website platforms and e-commerce systems.
  • Advanced Analytics Features: To provide deeper insights into customer interactions and chatbot performance.

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