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MonkeyLearn: Text Analytics Simplified

MonkeyLearn AI text analytics


MonkeyLearn is a text analytics platform that empowers users to process and analyze customer feedback without coding. It serves as a comprehensive suite for cleaning, labeling, and visualizing data. MonkeyLearn is designed as a web-based application that offers instant data visualizations and insights, facilitating deeper data comprehension with custom visualizations.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Data Visualizations: Provides immediate insights with analysis.
  • Granular Analysis: Allows users to delve into data with detail.
  • Customizable Charts: Enables creation of tailored visualizations.
  • Data Combination and Filtering: Offers advanced data sorting, including custom fields.
  • Pre-built and Custom ML Models: Features accessible machine learning for non-programmers.
  • Business Templates: Provides pre-made models and dashboards for specific business needs.
  • Native Integrations and API: Ensures compatibility with various apps and business intelligence tools.

Real-world applications

Real-world applications

MonkeyLearn can be an asset across sectors like retail, hospitality, and customer service, where feedback is voluminous and critical for improvement. Marketing teams can leverage it for sentiment analysis, while product developers may use it to gauge reception. It also supports operational enhancements in customer support and helps in understanding market trends through survey and NPS analysis.

Pricing & Discount

  • Team Plan: Priced at $299 per month, the Team Plan includes 10,000 queries per month, 3 models/workflows, and 3 seats.
  • Business Plan: For larger teams and custom volume needs, MonkeyLearn offers a Business Plan. The pricing for this plan is available upon request.


MonkeyLearn may not satisfy users needing advanced predictive analytics or requiring extensive data crunching capacity beyond sentiment and text analysis. Some complexity in initial setup and model training may challenge new users.


Data privacy stands out as a concern due to the sensitive nature of customer feedback data. Users may question the platform’s ease of use and compatibility with their existing technology stack. There might be a learning curve associated with utilizing its full suite of features effectively.

Potential Future Developments

Potential enhancements could include advanced predictive analytics capabilities, broader language support, improved ease of use for newcomers, and expanded integration options with enterprise systems.

How to Use MonkeyLearn

To use MonkeyLearn, start by choosing or creating a model, import data, tag and train your model, and then visualize the analyzed data in customizable dashboards.

Best Practices for MonkeyLearn

Users should start with pre-trained models to become familiar with the platform’s capabilities before progressing to custom model training. Regularly updating the models with new data will improve accuracy and insights over time.

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