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Mini Course Generator: Fast and Practical AI-Powered Course Creation

Mini Course Generator is a tool designed to simplify the process of creating mini-courses. It leverages AI to help users quickly turn ideas into structured, interactive mini-courses without the usual complexities associated with traditional course creation tools. This platform is ideal for creating educational lead magnets, enhancing workshop experiences, and providing micro-learning materials for community education or newcomer onboarding.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Assistant: Simplifies mini-course creation by generating comprehensive content based on user input.
  • No Learning Curve: Users can easily create courses using a simple card structure, without needing to understand complex curriculum design.
  • Media Enrichment: Allows for the direct upload of videos, images, gifs, and PDFs, or embedding content via iframe codes.
  • Interactivity & Personalization: Enables the addition of quiz/survey questions and the customization of course endings based on user performance.
  • Customization & Automation: Offers layout customization, custom domains, and automated workflows through webhooks.
  • Accessibility Options: Provides various access settings, including open access, sign-up walls, and password protection for exclusive content.

Mini Course Generator Platforms

  • Web app

Mini Course Generator Tasks

  • Generate mini-courses
  • Customize course layout and themes
  • Embed courses on webpages
  • Share courses via links
  • Add interactive quizzes and surveys
  • Personalize course endings based on user performance

Mini Course Generator Integrations

  • Email marketing platforms
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Webhooks for automation

Real-world applications

Mini Course Generator serves a broad spectrum of industries, enhancing their training, marketing, and customer engagement strategies. Training providers can enrich their sessions with complementary mini-courses, while creators can monetize their expertise by selling courses. HR and community managers can streamline onboarding processes, and product owners can incorporate in-app education to simplify customer and member training. Coaches and consultants find it invaluable for lead generation and showcasing their coaching value. Its versatility also supports micro-learning strategies across various organizational functions.

Who is Mini Course Generator for

  • Training professionals
  • Course creators
  • HR & community managers
  • Product owners
  • Coaches & consultants

Pricing & Discount

Mini Course Generator Free version – Available


  • The Basic plan limits the number of mini-courses and analytics capacity.
  • AI-Assistant credits are capped in paid plans, restricting the extent of AI-generated content.
  • Video upload capacity may not suffice for users with high-resolution or lengthy video content.


Users might worry about the AI’s ability to accurately reflect their expertise or the uniqueness of their content. There’s also a consideration for the ongoing cost for users who heavily rely on AI-Assistant credits. Additionally, the platform’s simplicity might not meet the needs of those looking for more advanced educational tools or customization options.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding AI-Assistant credits in paid plans.
  • Increasing video upload limits.
  • Introducing more advanced customization options for courses.
  • Enhancing AI capabilities to generate more personalized and varied content.

Give Mini Course Generator a try and start creating engaging, interactive mini-courses effortlessly.

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