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MelodyStudio: AI-Powered Melody Generation and Songwriting Assistant

Ai generated music with MelodyStudio


MelodyStudio offers a plethora of features that are designed to assist both professional and novice musicians. It’s an intuitive platform that leverages advanced AI technology for generating vocal melodies and lead sheets. The essential features of this platform include:

  • Melody Generation: Users can type in their lyrics, and MelodyStudio will provide original melody ideas for each line.
  • Chord Generation: It allows users to experiment with different chord progressions that serve as the foundation for their melodies.
  • Melody Editing: Users can modify the AI-generated melodies, adjusting rhythm, notes, and tempo according to their personal style.
  • Lead Sheet Creation: MelodyStudio provides a full suite for lead sheet creation.
  • MIDI Export: The tool is compatible with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), allowing for MIDI export of your compositions.
  • Song Organization: Users can organize their songs into albums for easier management.

Future features include options for collaboration and backing track MP3 upload.


MelodyStudio presents several benefits to its users. First, it opens up creative possibilities by providing original melody ideas that can be edited to match the user’s style. The platform is useful for songwriters who want to expedite their creative process or explore new musical ideas.

Furthermore, it’s beneficial to those starting out in songwriting, providing a user-friendly environment to learn and grow. The chord progression feature enhances this learning experience, allowing users to experiment with different keys and moods.

MelodyStudio respects the creative rights of its users, offering a 100% royalty-free platform. The copyright for all projects created on the platform stays with the users, which is an important advantage for both emerging and established musicians.

Real-world applications

MelodyStudio can be utilized by professionals in the music industry to accelerate songwriting. By generating melody and chord suggestions, the tool aids in overcoming creative blocks. This platform can also be used by music educators as a teaching tool for songwriting classes, showcasing how melodies and chords can work together.

Amateur songwriters can utilize MelodyStudio to improve their skills and generate their own songs. Furthermore, the platform can also be used by aspiring artists who want to create original compositions for their performances or social media channels.

MelodyStudio Pricing

MelodyStudio offers different pricing plans, making it accessible for various user needs. There is a monthly plan at $5.99 per month, a six-month plan at $32.94 (equating to $5.49 per month), and an annual plan for $59.88 (equating to $4.99 per month). At the time of writing, they are running a launch sale, offering discounts of up to 75% on all their plans.


While MelodyStudio offers various benefits, there are also some limitations. For instance, the melody and chord suggestions are AI-generated and may not always align with the user’s creative vision. Additionally, the platform’s current lack of collaborative features might be a setback for teams or groups working together on music projects.


Users might have concerns about the AI-generated nature of the melodies. Although the melodies are editable, there might be a fear of loss of originality or individual artistic style. Also, as AI-generated music becomes more prevalent, there could be potential legal and ethical concerns related to AI-created content and copyright.

Potential Future Developments

As MelodyStudio continues to evolve, there could be several promising future developments. Enhanced AI capabilities could allow for even more personalized melody suggestions based on the user’s previous compositions. The platform could also incorporate more advanced tools for music editing and production.

A collaborative feature would be an excellent addition, allowing musicians to work together on compositions in real-time. It might also be beneficial to include learning resources, such as tutorials or lessons on music theory, to further assist users in their songwriting journey.

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