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Mavy: Your AI-Powered Email and Meeting Assistant

Mavy redefines the way we handle professional communication and scheduling, offering a suite of tools designed to enhance efficiency and workflow. At its core, Mavy is an AI assistant that specializes in drafting emails and coordinating meetings, tailored to your personal style and scheduling needs.

Features & Benefits

Mavy comes packed with a range of features aimed at simplifying your workday:

  • Autopilot Scheduling: Automatically communicates your availability by being cc’d in emails, aligning schedules smoothly.
  • AI-Powered Email Drafting: Generates compelling emails that match your unique voice and preferences.
  • Smart Meeting Coordination: Facilitates hassle-free meeting scheduling by interacting with contacts to find suitable times.
  • Context-Aware Responses: Delivers relevant and personalized responses by understanding conversation contexts.
  • Harmonize Your Calendar: Syncs and manages your calendar for seamless appointment coordination.
  • Effortless Rescheduling: Simplifies the process of rescheduling meetings with a simple command.

Mavy Platforms

  • Web app
  • Chrome Extension (for access to Mavy on Chrome)
  • Mobile app (AI Keyboard launching soon)

Mavy Tasks

  • Draft and personalize emails
  • Schedule and reschedule meetings
  • Sync and manage calendars
  • Provide meeting reminders
  • Generate real-time reports
  • Handle time zones gracefully

Mavy Integrations

  • Email (for scheduling)
  • Calendar applications

Real-world Applications

Mavy proves to be an indispensable tool across a myriad of sectors, enhancing productivity with its AI-driven capabilities. Here’s how different professionals can leverage Mavy to streamline their workflow:

  • Executives and Managers: Stay ahead of your schedule with automated meeting coordination and personalized email drafting, making leadership roles more manageable and focused.
  • HR Professionals: Simplify the interview scheduling process, effortlessly managing appointments with candidates, and ensuring a smooth communication flow.
  • Sales Teams: Boost your sales efforts by efficiently managing follow-ups and appointment scheduling, ensuring no lead goes unnoticed.
  • Freelancers and Consultants: Juggle multiple clients and projects with ease, thanks to Mavy’s seamless calendar management and email assistance.
  • Customer Support Teams: Provide timely, personalized responses to customer inquiries, elevating the customer service experience.
  • Content Creators: Focus more on creativity and less on administrative tasks, as Mavy assists in managing collaborations and drafting emails.
  • Marketing Professionals: Coordinate campaigns and meetings effortlessly, ensuring your marketing efforts are well-organized and impactful.
  • Project Managers: Keep your projects on track and your team aligned with efficient scheduling and communication management.
  • Legal Professionals: Schedule consultations and follow-ups with clients without the hassle, allowing for more focus on case work.
  • Educational Administrators: Coordinate effectively with staff, students, and parents, ensuring educational operations run smoothly.

Mavy’s application extends beyond these roles, proving beneficial for anyone seeking to optimize their professional communication and scheduling. Its intelligent features offer a versatile solution to the modern challenges of managing workload and enhancing productivity.

Who is Mavy for

  • Executives
  • HR professionals
  • Sales teams
  • Freelancers
  • Customer support teams
  • Content creators
  • Marketing professionals
  • Project managers
  • Legal professionals
  • Educational administrators

Pricing & Discount

Starter$25/monthScheduling, Calendar Management, Email CC for Scheduling, Meeting Reminders, Real-time Reporting, Time-Zone Handling, Chrome Access
Advanced$50/monthAll Starter features + Customizable Threads, Chrome Access

Mavy Free version

Not available


  • Mavy’s reliance on email for scheduling might not integrate with all types of email providers seamlessly.
  • Currently, the AI Keyboard is not yet available, limiting mobile productivity features.
  • The effectiveness of context-aware responses may vary based on the complexity of the conversation.


  • Data Privacy: Handling sensitive information through emails and calendar entries raises questions about data security.
  • Usability: Users unfamiliar with AI assistants might face a learning curve.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring seamless integration with various calendar and email platforms.
  • Cost: The monthly subscription model may be a consideration for individuals or small businesses.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the AI Keyboard features for a wider range of mobile productivity tools.
  • Enhancing AI to better understand complex scheduling and email drafting requirements.
  • Integrating with additional platforms and apps to broaden usability.
  • Offering more customizable options for email drafting to suit various professional tones.

Feel inspired to elevate your professional communication and scheduling? Try Mavy today and experience a new level of efficiency and personalization.

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