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Marblism: AI App Builder


Marblism is an AI app builder platform designed to transform your app concepts into reality. It automates the development of React and Node.js web applications by generating the necessary front-end pages, back-end API endpoints, and database schemas. Marblism is ideal for creating social platforms, marketplaces, and project management tools, emphasizing speed and efficiency in the development process.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Generated App Components: Marblism generates all necessary components for an app, including database schemas, API endpoints, and front-end pages.
  • Authentication Options: Supports JWT and Google login, ensuring secure access to applications.
  • OpenAI API Integration: Enhances app capabilities with advanced AI features.
  • Email Functionality: Offers integration with Mailjet or other email providers for app communication needs.
  • Real-Time Capabilities: Implements real-time events and notifications for dynamic user experiences.
  • File Management: Allows file uploads through AWS S3 integration, facilitating content management within apps.

Marblism Platforms

  • Web app

Marblism Tasks

  • Generate customizable SaaS apps
  • Develop marketplaces for various niches
  • Create social networking applications
  • Build comprehensive internal tools for businesses

Marblism Integrations

  • OpenAI API
  • JWT for authentication
  • Google login
  • Mailjet (or other email providers)
  • AWS S3 for file uploads

Effective Prompt Crafting for Marblism

Working with and AI app builder lets you ship faster but communication is key. Below are couple of recommendations which we feel might be useful and optimize the app development.

Crafting Precise Descriptions

For the best outcomes with Marblism, it’s crucial to articulate your app’s desired features and functionalities with clarity and detail. This approach helps Marblism’s AI understand and generate the exact components your app requires. For instance, instead of stating, “I need a login page,” specify the authentication methods, such as “Create a login page with options for email, Google, and Facebook authentication.”

Envisioning User Interactions

When describing your app’s features, focus on how users will interact with each component. Detailing these interactions guides Marblism in creating more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Describe scenarios like, “Users should be able to filter products by categories, price range, and user ratings on the marketplace page.”

Real-world applications

Marblism’s versatility enables the creation of diverse applications, from SaaS platforms enhancing business operations to niche marketplaces connecting unique products with global audiences. It’s also suitable for social networking apps, providing communities for shared interests a place to connect and interact.

Imagine launching an app that connects remote workers with co-working spaces around the globe. Users can find spaces, book desks, and connect with other professionals. In a lighter vein, consider an app for pet owners to find playdates for their pets, complete with profiles, playdate scheduling, and community events. Marblism could make these ideas a reality, demonstrating its ability to cater to both conventional and imaginative needs.

Who is Marblism for

  • Founders & CTOs
  • Freelancers
  • Indie Hackers
  • Tech Agencies
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

PlanMarblesPriceApps GenerationIterations

Marblism Free version



  • Limited in creating apps that rely heavily on external plugins.
  • Not optimized for complex real-time applications like ride-sharing services.
  • Requires users to have a basic understanding of web development principles.


  • The necessity for basic web development knowledge may limit accessibility for non-technical users.
  • The platform’s limitations with external plugins and complex real-time functionalities could restrict the scope of potential applications.
  • The per-usage pricing model might not suit all users, particularly those with extensive development needs.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding plugin support could enhance the platform’s flexibility, allowing for a wider variety of applications.
  • Improving the platform’s user-friendliness could open up app development to a broader audience, including those without technical backgrounds.
  • Introducing more comprehensive AI-driven customization options could further streamline the app development process.

Start building your dream app with Marblism today, and bring your innovative ideas to life effortlessly.

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