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Lebesgue: A Comprehensive Marketing Analysis Tool

Lebesgue stands as a versatile marketing analysis platform, designed to scrutinize millions of data points to enhance your marketing effectiveness. At its core, Lebesgue aims to identify and rectify critical mistakes in your marketing campaigns, benchmark your advertising efforts, leverage market research and competitive analysis, and ultimately increase your business profitability. This tool integrates seamlessly with popular advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, offering a rich suite of features to optimize marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses.

Features & Benefits

  • Critical Mistakes Identification and Recommendations: Connect your ad accounts to instantly spot crucial errors impacting growth, with clear steps to resolve them.
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Standards: Compare your ad results with over 4,500 e-commerce businesses in real-time to identify improvement areas.
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis: Stay ahead by benchmarking key metrics against the market and uncovering competitors’ marketing strategies.
  • Profitability Enhancement Tools: Use advanced analytics to measure customer lifetime value (LTV), identify best-performing marketing channels, and manage your Shopify store effectively.

Lebesgue Platforms

  • Web app
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Lebesgue Tasks

  • Identify and fix critical marketing mistakes
  • Benchmark ad performance
  • Conduct market research and competitive analysis
  • Predict customer LTV and analyze revenue
  • Generate AI-driven ad copy
  • Monitor competitors’ social media presence and ad strategies
  • Perform advertising audits
  • Track industry benchmarks and forecast advertising prices

Lebesgue Integrations

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Real-world applications

Lebesgue is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses looking to refine their marketing strategies and improve ROI. Its comprehensive analysis tools help identify inefficiencies in ad campaigns, offering actionable insights for optimization. The platform’s benchmarking feature allows businesses to measure their performance against industry standards, fostering a competitive edge. By leveraging competitor intelligence, businesses can stay informed about market trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. The AI copywriter feature aids in creating high-converting ad content, tailored to the brand’s voice. Additionally, Lebesgue’s LTV analysis and forecasting capabilities enable businesses to make informed decisions regarding customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Who is Lebesgue for

  • Marketers
  • E-commerce Business Owners
  • Data Analysts
  • Digital Advertising Specialists

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/mo– Full order history
– Automated ad account audit
– Data export
– Email support
Advanced$59/mo– Includes Free features
– Cohort analysis, LTV breakdowns, Retention, Churn, Predicted revenue, Benchmarks, 24/7 support
Ultimate$79/mo– Includes Advanced features
– Competitor tracking (Ads, Social Media, Brand Awareness), AI copywriter, CPM forecast

Lebesgue Free version



  • Limited competitor tracking with the free and Advanced plans.
  • May require a learning curve to fully leverage all features and insights.
  • Advanced and Ultimate plans could be a significant investment for small businesses.


  • Data Privacy: Handling sensitive ad data and insights requires stringent data protection measures.
  • Usability: Navigating through extensive features and data analytics might overwhelm new users.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring seamless integration with existing marketing tools and platforms.
  • Cost: Balancing the cost of advanced features against the expected ROI.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced AI-driven insights for even more precise market and competitor analysis.
  • Broader integration with additional e-commerce platforms and ad networks.
  • More granular filtering options for LTV and other analytics features.

Experience the clarity and strategic advantage Lebesgue offers for your marketing efforts. Dive into a comprehensive analysis and optimization tool designed to elevate your e-commerce business’s profitability and growth.

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