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Lavender: Sales Email AI Assistant

Lavender AI email assistant for sales

Lavender is an AI-driven assistant specifically designed to optimize sales emails. Its primary target audience includes sales development representatives and account executives, catering to their unique needs in crafting effective sales communication.


As a specialized tool for email optimization, Lavender integrates with widely-used platforms such as Gmail and Outlook 365. It assists users in real-time by evaluating and enhancing various elements of sales emails, including tone, structure, and personalization. This tool is particularly valuable for professionals in sales roles, aiming to increase their email engagement and response rates.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-Time AI Coaching: Lavender evaluates emails on a scale from 0 to 100, identifying areas for improvement to increase reply likelihood.
  • Prospect Research Integration: Enables quick access to prospect news, data, and insights for more personalized introductions.
  • AI Email Starters: Utilizes OpenAI and other language models to initiate and refine email drafts.
  • Team Email Intelligence: Offers tools for managers to gain insights from team email data, enhancing coaching capabilities.
  • Mobile Optimization Preview: Ensures emails are easily readable on mobile devices, a crucial factor as many recipients view emails on their phones.
  • Clich√© and Spam Word Identification: Highlights overused phrases and potential spam triggers, suggesting more effective alternatives.

Real-world Applications

Lavender’s utility spans across various industries where sales and customer engagement via email are pivotal. Its ability to refine email communication makes it a valuable tool for sales teams in sectors like technology, healthcare, finance, and retail. By improving email quality and personalization, Lavender helps businesses increase their open and reply rates, ultimately leading to more successful sales conversions and customer relationships.

Pricing & Discount

Basic$0/mo.Analyze & Personalize 5 Emails/Month, Basic Features
Starter$29/mo.Unlimited Features, Mobile Optimization, Individual Analytics
Individual Pro$49/mo.Includes Starter features plus Integrations, Priority Support
Teams$69/mo./userAll Pro features, Team Analytics, Custom Scoring, Coaching


While Lavender is a robust tool for email optimization, it may have limitations in contexts where highly specialized or technical language is required. Additionally, the effectiveness of its AI-driven suggestions might vary based on individual writing styles and the specific needs of certain industries.


Users may have concerns regarding data privacy, especially when integrating personal and prospect information. Ensuring compatibility with various email platforms and maintaining a user-friendly interface are also important for user satisfaction.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Lavender could include advanced natural language processing capabilities for even more nuanced email suggestions. Integration with a broader range of email platforms and CRM systems could also be a potential area of development. Furthermore, the tool might incorporate predictive analytics to suggest the best times to send emails based on recipient behavior patterns.

How to Use Lavender

Lavender’s use involves several steps:

  1. Email Analysis: Submit your draft email for scoring.
  2. Improvement Suggestions: Follow Lavender’s recommendations to enhance your email’s readability and engagement potential.
  3. Personalization: Utilize the Personalization Assistant to add relevant details about the recipient.
  4. Mobile Optimization: Check and adjust the email format for mobile compatibility.
  5. Final Edits and Send: Make any final changes and send your optimized email.

By following these steps, users can transform average sales emails into highly effective communication tools, significantly increasing their chances of receiving positive replies.

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