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Krisp: AI-Powered Meeting Assistant

Krisp AI meeting assistant with noise cancellation


Krisp is an AI Meeting Assistant designed to streamline the process of capturing and managing meeting information. Its primary functions include automatic transcription and summarization of online meetings. Operating as a bot-free, non-intrusive tool, Krisp facilitates easy sharing of meeting notes and action items. This tool is available as an application that integrates seamlessly with various voice and conferencing apps, without requiring additional plugins or extensions.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Meeting Notes: Automatic generation of comprehensive meeting notes.
  • AI Meeting Transcription: Transcribes meetings in real-time, providing unlimited free transcriptions.
  • Moments of Meeting: Highlights critical moments and discussion points within a meeting.
  • Comprehensive Transcription Services: Offers transcription for popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Webex, and Slack.
  • Automatic Summarization: Creates long and short summaries of meetings, capturing action and discussion items.
  • OpenAI Powered: Utilizes ChatGPT for accurate transcription and summarization.
  • Easy Sharing and Collaboration: Integrates with calendars for automated note-taking and sharing.
  • Background and Noise Cancellation: Enhances call quality by removing background voices and noises.
  • Echo Cancellation: Eliminates room and acoustic echo for clearer audio quality.

Krisp Tasks

  • Automatic meeting transcription
  • Generating meeting summaries
  • Identifying and listing action items
  • Enhancing call quality with noise and echo cancellation
  • Sharing and collaborating on meeting notes

Krisp Integrations

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Webex
  • Slack

Real-world Applications

Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant is beneficial across various industries, enhancing the quality and efficiency of online meetings. For instance, in the corporate sector, it aids in maintaining accurate records of meetings, crucial for decision-making and project management. Educational institutions can use Krisp to transcribe lectures and seminars, providing accessible material for students. In the legal field, accurate transcription of meetings and discussions can be invaluable. Healthcare professionals could use Krisp for documenting patient consultations and team meetings. Additionally, in the creative industries, such as advertising and media, Krisp can streamline brainstorming sessions and collaborative projects. Freelancers and consultants also find Krisp useful for keeping track of client meetings and action items.

Who is Krisp for

  • Meeting Owners

Pricing & Discount

PlanTarget UserPriceFeatures
FreeIndividuals$0 60 minutes/day of Noise and Echo Cancellation, Unlimited Transcriptions, 2 Meeting Notes/day
ProProfessionals and Small Teams$12/month per seatAll Free features, plus Unlimited Noise and Echo Cancellation, Unlimited Meeting Notes, Meeting Audio Recording, HD Noise Cancellation, Centralized User Management

Krisp Free version



Krisp may have limitations in transcription accuracy in extremely noisy environments or with heavily accented speech. The free version has a cap on the number of meeting notes per day and minutes of noise cancellation.


Potential concerns include data privacy and the security of transcribed content. However, Krisp addresses these concerns with GDPR compliance, SOC-2 certification, and encryption in-transit and at-rest. Users might also question the impact on device performance, although Krisp offers a low power usage mode.

Potential Future Developments

Krisp could potentially expand its features to include accent localization, automatic participation in meetings based on domain, and a dashboard for managing team audio devices. Integration with call center platforms and enhancements in inbound voice AI are also possible future developments.

Elevate your online meeting experience with Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant. Try it now for clearer, more productive, and efficiently managed meetings!

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