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Korbit: Automated PR Code Reviews


Korbit is a GitHub-integrated tool for automated pull request (PR) code reviews. It identifies issues, provides actionable feedback, and offers interactive guidance, all within your existing GitHub workflow.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant PR Reviews: Conducts immediate reviews, detecting issues and providing feedback in minutes.
  • Interactive Explanations: Offers detailed explanations and recommendations for resolving code issues directly in the PR.
  • GitHub Integration: Seamlessly integrates into your GitHub workflow, enhancing your development process.
  • Team Insights: Provides insights into code quality, project status, and developer performance through a management dashboard.
  • Continuous Learning: Helps developers learn and improve through interactive feedback and advice.

Korbit Platforms

Web app

Korbit Tasks

  • Review pull requests for code issues
  • Provide interactive explanations and suggestions
  • Track and report project and team activity
  • Offer real-time responses to code queries

Korbit Integrations

  • GitHub

Real-world Applications

Korbit is invaluable for development teams looking to improve productivity and code quality. By automating PR reviews, the AI tool frees up senior engineers to focus on complex tasks while ensuring consistent code standards. Project managers benefit from the insights Korbit provides, allowing them to monitor project status and team performance effectively. Imagine a developer encountering a tricky bug late at night; Korbit’s instant feedback helps resolve the issue quickly, ensuring the project stays on track.

Korbit can also be a game-changer for small startups, enabling them to maintain high code quality without needing a large team of senior engineers. Imagine using Korbit to review your personal coding projects, ensuring even your hobby code is top-notch.

Who is Korbit for

  • Developers
  • Development teams
  • Project managers
  • Small startups

Pricing & Discount

StarterFree3 users on 1 repo, near-instant PR reviews, secure data, management dashboard
Pro$24/user/monthUnlimited repos, unlimited users, dedicated support, optional system configuration session

Korbit Free versionAvailable


  • Limited to GitHub integration
  • Starter plan limited to 3 users on 1 repo


  • Data Privacy: Ensures data security and privacy, but users should always verify compliance with their own standards.
  • Usability: Seamless GitHub integration, but limited to that platform.
  • Learning Curve: Minimal due to the intuitive design, but some initial setup and adjustment may be required.

Potential Future Developments

  • Support for additional version control platforms like GitLab and Bitbucket.
  • Advanced analytics for deeper insights into code quality trends.
  • Integration with CI/CD tools to streamline the development pipeline further.

Experience faster, smarter code reviews with Korbit.

Enhance your team’s productivity and code quality with seamless GitHub integration and real-time feedback.

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