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Knowbo: Website Chatbot Builder


Knowbo allows you to create a custom chatbot that learns directly from your website. By providing your URL or sitemap, you can have a ChatGPT-like chatbot that answers user questions using the information from your site.

Features & Benefits

  • Always up-to-date: The chatbot updates its knowledge base as your website changes, ensuring it always has the most current information.
  • No additional training: The chatbot learns directly from your website, simplifying the setup process.
  • Chat history: Monitor the chatbot’s performance and review past user conversations.
  • Easy deployment: Deploy the chatbot on your website without complex coding or technical skills.

Knowbo Platforms

  • Web app

Knowbo Tasks

  • Build custom AI chatbot
  • Add chatbot to website

Knowbo Integrations

  • N/A

Real-world Applications

Businesses can use Knowbo to provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries by integrating a chatbot that continuously learns from their website. For example, an online retailer can use Knowbo to assist customers with product queries and order tracking, reducing the load on the customer support team.

A software company might employ the AI tool to help users navigate documentation and troubleshoot issues. The AI bot updates itself as new features are added, ensuring it always provides the latest information.

Imagine a university using Knowbo to answer prospective student questions about admissions, courses, and campus life directly from its website. This ensures students get timely information without browsing through multiple pages.

Even a small business could set up an AI chatbot to offer immediate assistance with frequently asked questions, allowing the owner to focus on more critical tasks.

Who is Knowbo for

  • Marketers
  • Customer service teams
  • Website administrators
  • Small business owners
  • Educational institutions

Pricing & Discount

StarterSmall websites$19/month1 Chatbot, 100 Customer Messages/Day, 50 Source URLs, Chatbot Customization
ExpertLarger websites$39/month5 Chatbots, Unlimited Messages, Custom Instructions, 500 Source URLs, Chatbot Customization, Chat History, Auto Update, Auto Add new URLs, Priority Support
UltimateMultiple websites$79/monthAll in Expert plus: 10 Chatbots, 2000 Source URLs, No Branding, Priority Support

Knowbo Free Version

Not available


  • Limited to the information available on the provided website URLs
  • Customization restricted to appearance and behavior settings
  • Performance may vary with the complexity of website content


  • Data privacy: Ensuring customer data handled by the chatbot is secure.
  • Usability: Easy setup but may require monitoring for accuracy.
  • Compatibility: Embedding code in the website’s tag; may need adjustments for different platforms.
  • Learning curve: Simple setup but customization and monitoring may need some learning.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced multi-language support: To cater to a broader audience.
  • Integration with CRM systems: To provide seamless data flow between customer interactions and business processes.
  • Advanced analytics: Offering more detailed insights into chatbot performance and user interactions.
  • Voice integration: Allowing users to interact with the chatbot through voice commands.

Experience a streamlined customer support solution with Knowbo.

AI Chatbot builder designed to make your website more interactive and user-friendly.

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