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Katteb: AI Writer with Citations


Katteb is an AI-powered writing software focused on creating reliable and fact-checked content. It supports writing, chatting, designing, and more in over 110 languages. Katteb is designed to ensure the accuracy and credibility of content through in-text citations from trustworthy sources.

Features & Benefits

  • Write Fearlessly: Generate over 30 types of content with citations from credible sources.
  • Chat Confidently: Engage in multilingual conversations with fact-checked responses.
  • Design Effortlessly: Create images from text with a single click.
  • Credible Writing: Embed sources directly into your content to boost credibility.
  • Error-Free Writing: Advanced proofreading in over 25 languages with a built-in dictionary.
  • Plagiarism Free: Detect and address plagiarism while citing original sources.

Katteb Platforms

  • Web app

Katteb Tasks

  • Generate long-form articles (Fact-checked with citations)
  • Generate social media content
  • Rewrite web pages and offline text
  • Add internal links to content
  • Generate content based on URLs
  • Convert YouTube videos into content
  • Write Amazon product reviews

Katteb Integrations

  • Export content to WordPress and Blogger
  • Zapier integration (Soon)
  • Chrome Extension (Soon)

Real-world applications

For businesses looking to create accurate, SEO-friendly online content, Katteb is a vital tool. Educational institutions can use it for research and coursework, ensuring academic integrity. Content creators across YouTube, blogs, and social media can produce original, engaging material efficiently. E-commerce platforms benefit from quick, reliable product descriptions and reviews. Marketing agencies rely on Katteb for campaign content that’s both creative and factually correct. Publishers and news outlets use it to craft stories with verified information. SEO specialists enhance their strategies with Katteb’s SEO-optimized, credible content. Freelancers find it invaluable for a variety of writing projects and can easily create blogs from url. Non-profits communicate their message effectively, backed by solid data. Lastly, legal professionals may use it for case research and document preparation.

Who is Katteb for

  • Marketers
  • Content creators
  • SEO specialists
  • Academics and researchers
  • Freelancers
  • E-commerce store owners
  • Educational institutions
  • Legal professionals
  • Non-profits

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthWords LimitFeatures
BEGINNERS$915K WordsBasic writing and design tools, access to Katteb Chat
UNLIMITED$39Unlimited wordsAll features including GPT-4 access, priority support
PROFESSIONALS$29150K WordsAdvanced features with higher word limits
Lifetime Deal$390150K Words/MonthComprehensive package with one-time payment

Katteb Free version

Not available


  • Monthly word limit based on subscription
  • Daily limits on certain features like AI art generations and plagiarism checks


  • Data privacy: How user data and generated content are handled.
  • Usability: Ease of use for people without technical backgrounds.
  • Compatibility: Integration with other software and platforms.
  • Cost: Subscription plans may be prohibitive for some users.
  • Learning curve: Familiarity with AI tools and content creation skills required.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced AI models for even more accurate and diverse content generation.
  • Broader range of integrations with content management systems and marketing tools.
  • Improved user interface for easier navigation and usability.
  • Expansion of language support to include lesser-known languages.
  • Advanced analytics for content performance tracking.

Explore Katteb for reliable fact, AI-powered content creation with a focus on accuracy and credibility.

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