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Jazon: AI Sales Development Representative


Jazon is an AI Sales Development Representative (SDR) that automates research, outreach, and responses. This AI tool allows sales teams to concentrate on closing deals by managing these initial tasks. The AI SDR runs locally on your cloud, ensuring complete data privacy and security.

Features & Benefits

  • Runs Locally on Your Cloud
    • Jazon operates directly on your cloud infrastructure, ensuring that all data remains secure and private. Businesses maintain full control over their sensitive information.
  • Downloadable as a Docker Image
    • The AI agent can be downloaded as a Docker image, simplifying the deployment process. This allows easy integration into your existing cloud setup without complex configurations.
  • Multi-agent System
    • Jazon uses a multi-agent system where multiple expert agents collaborate to handle complex tasks. This enhances efficiency and ensures comprehensive management of sales development processes. The system’s collaborative approach results in a streamlined workflow.
  • Customizable with Your Data and Prompts
    • Users can tailor the AI sales agent by configuring it with their own data and prompts. It makes the AI tool more effective in achieving desired results.
  • Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning
    • Jazon incorporates Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning techniques for continuous improvement. These advanced learning methods allow the system to adapt based on human feedback and real-world interactions. .
  • Toxicity Controller
    • The built-in toxicity controller monitors all communications to ensure empathy and appropriateness. This feature helps maintain a positive brand image and prevents negative interactions. It safeguards against inappropriate or harmful communications.
  • AI Management System (Lyzr AIMS)
    • Lyzr AIMS provides comprehensive monitoring of Jazon’s activities, responses, and performance. This system allows better oversight and fine-tuning of the AI’s operations. It helps businesses optimize their sales development processes.
  • Scalable for High Volume Communications
    • The AI agent can handle thousands to tens of thousands of emails within minutes. This scalability is suitable for both small startups and large enterprises with high communication demands.
  • Hyper-Personalized Emails
    • Jazon composes highly personalized emails based on detailed research about prospects. This increases engagement rates and improves the chances of positive responses.
  • Autonomous Follow-ups
    • The AI agent manages follow-up communications automatically, ensuring timely and consistent outreach. This feature nurtures leads and moves them through the sales funnel without manual intervention.
  • Customer Query Responses
    • Jazon answers customer queries promptly and accurately. This capability improves customer satisfaction and engagement by providing immediate responses. It reduces the workload on human agents and enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Meeting Booking
    • Allows for scheduling meetings for Account Executives (AEs).

Jazon Platforms

Downloadable Docker image

Jazon Tasks

  • Research about prospects
  • Compose hyper-personalized emails
  • Autonomous follow-ups
  • Answer customer queries
  • Book meetings for AEs

Jazon Integrations


Real-world applications

Jazon can significantly improve a sales team’s efficiency by handling initial research on prospects and composing personalized emails. For instance, a sales manager at a tech startup can upload their prospect list and email templates into Jazon. The AI will autonomously send out emails and follow-ups, answer common questions, and schedule meetings. This automation allows the sales team to focus on closing deals and strategic planning.

Imagine a scenario where Jazon is used in a high-volume environment, such as a large SaaS company. The AI can manage thousands of outreach emails daily, ensuring each one is personalized and followed up on appropriately. The built-in toxicity controller ensures that all communications remain professional and empathetic, which helps in building better customer relationships.

Who is Jazon for

  • Sales teams
  • Marketing departments
  • Customer service teams
  • Startups
  • Large enterprises

Pricing & Discount

PlanCost per MonthFeatures
Open Source$0Lyzr Automata code, runs on your cloud, customizable
Enterprise$1999Toxicity controller, agent memory, RLHF, Docker image, auto-scaling, white-glove onboarding, customization support, 24/7 enterprise support, unlimited architecture upgrades, Lyzr AIOps portal access

Jazon Free version



  • Requires initial setup and configuration.
  • Limited to users who can manage Docker deployment.
  • No extensive features in the free version.


  • Data Privacy: Runs locally to ensure data does not leave your environment.
  • Usability: Initial setup may require technical knowledge.
  • Cost: Higher tier pricing may be expensive for small businesses.
  • Learning Curve: Users may need time to fully utilize customization features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced Integrations: Adding support for popular CRM and email marketing tools.
  • Voice Communication: Enabling automated voice calls and responses.
  • Advanced Analytics: Providing deeper insights into communication effectiveness and sales performance.

Get started with Jazon to automate your sales development processes and enhance your team’s productivity.

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