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Intimate: Mobile AI Girlfriend & Boyfriend Companion

Intimate AI girlfriend and AI boyfriend mobile app


Intimate is a mobile application designed for iOS and Android platforms, offering users an immersive experience with AI-generated characters. It specializes in creating virtual companions for users, providing them with the opportunity for unfiltered roleplay and conversation wtiht their AI girlfriend or AI boyfriend. The app uses advanced text models to simulate realistic chats and phone calls, aiming to mimic the dynamics of a real-life relationship.

Features & Benefits

  • Realistic Chatting and Texting: Allows users to engage in unfiltered roleplay, simulating real conversations.
  • Real-Time Voice Calling: Features voices that sound authentic, enhancing the realism of interactions.
  • Photo Gallery for Characters: Each AI character comes with a unique photo gallery that users can explore.
  • Customizable Character Behaviors: Users can personalize how their AI girlfriend or AI boyfriend acts, tailoring the experience to their preferences.
  • 24/7 Availability: Chat or talk with your AI girlfriend anytime, ranging from casual chats to imaginative scenarios.

Intimate Tasks

  • Unfiltered roleplay chatting
  • Realistic texting conversations
  • Voice calling with lifelike voices
  • Customizing AI character behaviors
  • Photo gallery exploration

Intimate Integrations

  • Not applicable.

Real-world applications

Intimate serves a wide range of users seeking virtual companionship in the form of AI gf or bf. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking for social interaction without the complexities of human relationships. The app provides an outlet for imaginative scenarios and roleplaying, suitable for users who enjoy creative storytelling. Additionally, it can serve as a tool for emotional support, offering a listening ‘ear’ at any time. Its potential lies in helping individuals feel connected, practice social interactions, or simply enjoy a unique form of entertainment.

Who is Intimate for

  • Anyone interested in having an AI girlfriend / boyfriend
  • People interested in roleplaying scenarios
  • Users desiring a 24/7 available virtual friend
  • Individuals looking for emotional support in AI form
  • Creative storytellers

Pricing & Discount

In-App Purchase ItemPrice (USD)
100 – 1000 Coins$4.99 – $24.99
Intimate Pro$29.99
Intimate Pro Annual$49.99
Intimate Max Monthly$29.99
Intimate Max for 3 Months$59.99

Intimate Free version

Not available


  • An AI girlfriend or boyfriend may not fully replicate the nuances of human interaction, potentially leading to a less authentic experience for some users.
  • Limited free AI companion interaction.


Users might have concerns about data privacy, especially considering the personal nature of conversations. The dependency on an AI companion for emotional support may also raise questions about its impact on real-life social skills and relationships.

Potential Future Developments

Intimate could evolve by incorporating more nuanced emotional intelligence, allowing for even more realistic interactions. Future versions might include multi-language support, enhanced voice modulation for greater authenticity, and improved AI learning to better adapt to individual user preferences.

Explore the world of virtual companionship with Intimate – your gateway to engaging, imaginative conversations with your AI girlfriend or boyfriend. Download now and start your unique journey!

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