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ImagineMe: Generate Personal AI Images


ImagineMe is an AI tool that creates personalized images from text descriptions. Users can generate stunning artwork of themselves by uploading photos and describing the desired scene.

Features & Benefits

  • Personal AI Models: Train a private AI model using 10-20 photos.
  • Fast Image Generation: Initial model training takes up to 5 hours; subsequent images generate in 10 seconds.
  • Variety of Art Styles: Create images in numerous styles, including photorealistic, cartoon, and artistic.
  • Inspiration Showcase: Browse examples to find the best prompts.

ImagineMe Platforms

Web app

ImagineMe Tasks

  • Generate personal AI images from text descriptions
  • Create AI portraits in various artistic styles
  • Transform photos into AI art

ImagineMe Integrations


Real-world Applications

ImagineMe allows users to create unique digital art featuring themselves in various imaginative scenarios. The Ai tool can be use to generate an AI Headshot, AI Profile Picture, Cartoon Yourself, AI Selfie, D&D Portrait, Anime Portrait, PS2 filter AI, etc. For instance, a user can transform themselves into a fantasy knight or a cyberpunk character. You are from the PS2 generation? No problem! Turn yourself into a character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Metal Gear Solid This AI tool is perfect for creating unique profile pictures, custom art for role-playing games, or personalized gifts. ImagineMe can turn your pet into a whimsical character or visualize yourself in historical settings. Ever wondered how you’d look as a marble statue in a Roman garden? Now you can see it.

Who is ImagineMe for

  • Social media enthusiasts
  • Gamers
  • Cosplayers
  • Artists
  • Anyone seeking personalized digital art

Pricing & Discount

CreditsPricePrice per CreditImages per Credit

ImagineMe Free version

Not available


  • Cannot generate images of multiple people in a single scene.
  • Specialized in generating images of people; results for animals may vary.


  • Data privacy: Uploaded photos are used to train private AI models.
  • Usability: Initial model training can take up to 5 hours.
  • Compatibility: Web app only.

Potential Future Developments

ImagineMe could introduce features for generating images of multiple people in a single scene. Enhancing the quality of non-human subjects, such as pets, could also be beneficial.

Upload photos and turn yourself in AI art today with ImagineMe.

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