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Humy: An AI Tutor for Social Studies and History


Humy is a specialized AI tool designed to support teachers in making social studies and history classes more interactive and personalized. It uses AI to offer 1:1 tutoring, generate engaging content, and streamline assignment creation and grading. With a focus on data privacy, Humy aims to be a reliable partner in education.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Tutors:
    • Personalized tutoring for each student.
    • Transforms reading assignments into interactive discussions.
    • Offers 24/7 tutoring with over 400 historical figures, customizable to include more.
    • Allows for easy integration of course materials.
  • Assignments:
    • Quick generation of assignments.
    • Access to a shared pool of assignments created by other educators.
    • AI-provided feedback on student submissions.
    • Significant reduction in grading time.
  • AI Builder:
    • Facilitates the creation and sharing of unique AI teaching assistants.
    • Shareable with students through a simple web link, no login required.
    • Supports uploading of additional information sources.
  • Content Generator:
    • Quick generation of study materials and lesson plans.
    • Assists in designing detailed lesson plans and creating rubrics.

Humy Platforms

  • Web app

Humy Tasks

  • Personalize tutoring with AI.
  • Generate and grade assignments.
  • Create custom AI tutors and assignments.
  • Design lesson plans and study materials.

Humy Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Educators can employ Humy to provide each student with tailored tutoring sessions, bringing historical figures to life and fostering a deeper understanding of social studies topics. This tool can reduce the workload on teachers by automating the creation and grading of assignments, allowing them to focus more on interactive and creative teaching methods. Humy’s AI builder enables the crafting of unique educational experiences, such as virtual debates with historical figures or personalized study guides that cater to the learning pace of each student. For a creative twist, imagine using Humy to create a virtual “time-travel” experience where students can “meet” and interact with historical figures, making history lessons an unforgettable adventure.

Who is Humy for

  • Teachers and educators
  • School administrators
  • E-learning professionals

Pricing & Discount

Free Test Ride$0/mo.30 message credits
Monthly Classroom License$14.99/mo.2,000 message credits/monthAccess to 1,000+ AI figures & resources, Create AI assistants
Annual Classroom License$99/year (Early Bird Offer)24,000 message credits/yearAccess to 1,000+ AI figures & resources, Create AI assistants

Humy Free version



  • Covers only history and social studies.
  • Only available in English.
  • Customization and content generation tied to the available credits.


  • Ensuring data privacy and meeting educational standards.
  • Dependence on IT department approval and configurations.
  • Learning curve for effectively integrating AI into existing curricula.

Potential Future Developments

  • Introduction of multilingual support to cater to non-English speaking students.
  • Enhanced analytics for teachers to track student progress and engagement more effectively.

Discover how Humy can enrich your teaching experience and engage your students in a new, interactive way.

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