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Graviti Diffus: AI Image Generation


Graviti Diffus offers a user-friendly platform to access and utilize over 20,000 models for generating AI images. It simplifies the process of using Stable Diffusion models, making advanced image generation techniques accessible to everyone. With features like ControlNet and Roop, users can fine-tune their images with specific controls or swap faces with just one reference image.

Features & Benefits

  • ControlNet: Advanced input conditioning for precise image generation control.
  • Roop: Simplifies face swapping in images using a single reference photo. Roop is available on GitHub (here)
  • Extensive Model Library: Access to over 20,000 models for diverse image generation needs.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, requiring no advanced technical knowledge.
  • Model Customization: Ability to play with favorite models from CIVITAI or upload your own.
  • Free Version: Offers up to 1,500 free credits per month for individuals exploring Stable Diffusion.

Graviti Diffus Platforms

  • Web app

Graviti Diffus Tasks

  • Generate AI images with specific controls (pose, edge detection, depth maps, etc.)
  • Face swapping with one reference image
  • Customize and generate images using various models
  • Use advanced features for image generation like video extensions and scripts for X/Y plots

Graviti Diffus Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine effortlessly creating detailed artwork for your digital comic book, where each character’s pose and expression are exactly as you envision, thanks to ControlNet. Or consider swapping faces in family photos for a humorous holiday card with Roop. Small businesses can generate unique images for marketing materials without hiring a professional designer. Independent game developers could create intricate backgrounds and characters, enhancing the visual appeal of their games. And for a more light-hearted application, how about swapping faces of historical figures onto modern day scenarios for a chuckle-worthy educational blog?

Who is Graviti Diffus for

  • Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Hobbyists

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthCreditsInference LimitGPU PoolPrivate StorageAdditional Features
Free$01,5003 min/taskFree tierCommunity sharing
Basic$125,00030 min/taskBasic tier10GBPrivate, shareable images
Plus$3618,00060 min/taskPlus tier20GBVideo generation, X/Y plots
Pro$7240,00060 min/taskPro tier40GBTraining space, priority support

Graviti Diffus Free version – Available


  • Limited credits and inference time in free and lower-tier plans.
  • Public model uploads only for the free tier.
  • Advanced features like private model uploads, more storage, and training spaces are reserved for higher-tier plans.


  • The balance between credit limits and user needs could be a concern for heavy users.
  • Privacy of generated images in the free version since everything is shared with the community.
  • Learning curve for new users to fully utilize advanced features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Offering a wider range of editing tools for finer control over the generated images.
  • Introducing a desktop app for offline processing.
  • Enhancing face swapping technology to include full-body swaps.

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