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Glasp: Social Web Highlighting and Knowledge Sharing

Glasp Social Web Highlighting


Glasp is a unique Chrome & Safari browser extension designed for efficient web content highlighting and knowledge sharing. This tool empowers users to annotate and organize insights from various online sources such as websites, YouTube, Kindle, and PDFs. Glasp facilitates a seamless integration of learning and note-taking directly from the web, eliminating the need for alternating between different applications. Additionally, it allows users to share their curated knowledge and insights with a broader community, contributing to collective learning and digital legacy.

Features & Benefits

  • YouTube Highlight: Allows users to highlight and add notes to video transcripts on YouTube.
  • Kindle Integration: Enables importing of highlights and notes directly from Kindle.
  • Quoteshots: Offers tools to create and share visually appealing quoteshots, optimized for social media platforms like Twitter.
  • Knowledge Graph: Visualizes connections and development in the user’s knowledge base.
  • AI Summary: Generates AI-powered summaries based on user highlights and notes.
  • PDF Highlight: Facilitates highlighting and annotating PDF files available online.
  • Embed in Blog: Users can embed their Glasp highlights in blogs or newsletters.
  • Download All: Provides the option to download highlights and notes in various formats, including .txt, .md, .csv.

Real-world Applications

Glasp can significantly benefit various industries, particularly in education, research, and content creation. Educators and students can use this tool for efficient research and study, easily highlighting and organizing key information from diverse web sources. Researchers can benefit from its ability to collate data and insights, while content creators can use Glasp for curating and sharing information. Additionally, professionals in knowledge-based industries can utilize Glasp for continuous learning and knowledge dissemination, enhancing collaboration and information sharing within teams and communities.

Pricing & Discount

Currently, all features of Glasp are available for free. The team behind Glasp has not yet decided on a monetization plan, making it an accessible tool for users at no cost.


Glasp’s primary limitation lies in its dependence on browser extension functionality, potentially restricting its use in environments where extensions are not supported or allowed. Additionally, as a relatively new tool, it may lack the depth of features found in more established knowledge management platforms.


Users may have concerns regarding data privacy, especially when syncing content from personal reading material. As Glasp evolves, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of platforms and maintaining user-friendly interfaces will be crucial. The tool’s long-term sustainability, given its current free pricing model, may also raise questions about future costs or changes in service.

Potential Future Developments

Glasp could potentially expand its services to include mobile app integration, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Integration with more platforms and file types, and advanced AI features for content analysis and summarization could also be on the horizon. As the user base grows, the development of community-driven features and more personalized content curation could further enhance its value.

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