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Getimg: AI Image generation & editing

getimg ai image generation and enhancement


Getimg is a comprehensive AI-powered tool designed for creating, editing, and enhancing images. As a versatile platform, it offers a suite of tools including an AI Generator, Image Editor, AI Canvas, and DreamBooth for personalized AI models. This tool is accessible as a web application, providing users with the convenience of generating and modifying images directly through their web browsers.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Generator: Empowers users to transform text into images, blending various art styles and ideas.
    Benefit: Enhances creative expression and enables generation of unique images at scale.
  • ControlNet: Allows customization of AI image generation using personal source images.
    Benefit: Personalizes the creative process, giving users more control over the output.
  • Image Editor: Facilitates easy image editing using AI, including detail modification and object removal.
    Benefit: Streamlines editing processes, making it more accessible and less time-consuming.
  • AI Canvas: Offers an infinite canvas workspace for expanding images or creating large art pieces.
    Benefit: Removes creative limitations, allowing for expansive and unbounded artistic creation.
  • DreamBooth: Customizes AI models for various purposes like avatars or product shots.
    Benefit: Provides bespoke AI models for personalized and specific image generation needs.
  • AI Image Upscaler: Enhances image quality using custom AI upscaling models.
    Benefit: Improves image resolution and clarity, particularly useful for low-quality sources.
  • API Integration: Facilitates the generation and editing of images via a simple REST API.
    Benefit: Enables developers to integrate getimg’s capabilities into their own applications.

Real-world Applications

Getimg’s capabilities span various industries. For creatives, it’s a tool for generating original art and illustrations. Marketing professionals can use it for creating unique promotional materials and product images. In the realm of web and graphic design, it serves as a resource for crafting website visuals and logos. Its application in fashion and interior design is evident in creating and modifying designs. For content creators and bloggers, it provides a means to produce distinctive images that enhance their digital presence.

Pricing & Discount

Free$0100Basic Tools, 4x Upscaling
Basic$123,000Hi-Res, Faster Generations
Starter$2912,000Additional DreamBooth Models
Hobby$4924,000Expanded DreamBooth Access
Pro$9960,000Full Suite, Priority Support

Custom DreamBooth training requires a one-time payment of 2000 image credits.


While getimg offers a broad range of capabilities, it may have limitations in generating highly specialized or niche content. The quality of generated images might vary depending on the complexity of the request. Additionally, there might be a learning curve for new users to effectively use advanced features.


Users might have concerns about data privacy, particularly when uploading personal images for model training. The usability of advanced features could be challenging for less tech-savvy individuals. Compatibility with specific workflows or external tools might also be a consideration.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include more intuitive user interfaces, increased model customization options, and enhanced integration capabilities with other software or platforms. Developments in AI could lead to even more realistic and high-resolution outputs, catering to professional-grade requirements.

Best Practices for getimg

To maximize the benefits of getimg:

  1. Experiment with different AI models and styles for diverse creative outcomes.
  2. Utilize the ControlNet feature for personalized image generation.
  3. Leverage the DreamBooth for creating custom AI models that reflect personal style or brand identity.

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