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Gan AI: Personalizing Video Content at Scale

Gan AI video personalization for enhance customer engagement


Gan AI is an AI video platform designed to supercharge video personalization for businesses in various industries. With the primary functionality of transforming a single video recording into tailored versions for potentially millions of users, Gan AI seeks to provide a unique, individualized touch to video communications. The tool thrives on its ability to evince genuine human emotions, drive purchase decisions, and craft personalized video content that resonates with each viewer on an intimate level.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Workflow: The platform offers a streamlined three-step process:
    1. Upload: Begin by recording and uploading your foundational video template.
    2. Select: Highlight specific words or segments in the video that need customization.
    3. Generate: Using Myna, Gan AI’s core AI system, the tool generates your custom, personalized videos.
  • Powerful Personalization Metrics: Gan AI’s personalized videos have shown to provide:
    • A 5x increase in video completion rate.
    • A 3x boost in conversion rates.
    • A whopping 10x rise in engagement.
  • Broad Spectrum of Use Cases: Whether it’s Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce, Food Delivery, or Education, Gan AI serves various industries with tailored video content.
  • Integrated Customer Engagement Tools: Beyond video, the tool allows the creation of personalized landing pages and microsites equipped with analytics and embedded micro-interactions. It offers seamless integrations for tasks such as checkout processes and native booking.
  • Vast Customer Reach: Gan AI’s videos are compatible across numerous platforms. From emails, WhatsApp, and SMS to web pages and mobile apps, the tool ensures that personalized video content reaches users wherever they are.
  • Event-Driven Video Creation: In response to specific user actions, such as signing up or submitting a form, the system can programmatically generate real-time personalized video responses.

Real-world applications

Gan AI’s platform holds the power to revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers by providing hyper-personalized video content. The beauty of Gan AI is that it goes beyond just producing tailored videos. Its integrative capabilities with platforms such as Shopify, Calendly, Stripe, HubSpot, and Salesforce make it a holistic solution for various industries. Let’s delve deeper into how different sectors can harness the potential of Gan AI:

1. E-commerce (Integration with Shopify)

Scenario: A fashion e-commerce site wants to alert its customers about a flash sale.

Application: Using Gan AI, the company can create a video with an actor showcasing a few highlighted items from the sale. By incorporating keywords such as the customer’s name, favorite product category, and previously browsed items, Gan AI can produce personalized videos for every subscriber. So, for instance, Emily from Seattle might receive a video saying, “Hey Emily, our summer collection, featuring the lovely maxi dresses you’ve been browsing, is now on sale!” Through integration with Shopify, users can be directed straight to a personalized landing page to complete their purchase.

Gan AI improvement metrics for D2C eCommerce (x Improvement factor) : Re-engage dormant users 3.4x, Resurrect abandoned cart users 5x, Upsell and cross sell 4x

2. Professional Consultations (Integration with Calendly)

Scenario: A law firm wants to remind their clients about upcoming appointments and consultations.

Application: By coupling Gan AI with Calendly, the firm can send hyper-personalized video reminders. Imagine a client, Mr. John Smith, receiving a video from his attorney saying, “Hello John, this is Attorney Karen. Just a reminder about our meeting on Tuesday at 3 PM to discuss your case. Looking forward to seeing you!” Such a message can drastically reduce no-show rates and build rapport.

3. Online Payments and Checkouts (Integration with Stripe)

Scenario: An online tech store wants to expedite the checkout process for customers who have items lingering in their carts.

Application: With Gan AI and Stripe integration, the store can send personalized video reminders to customers. For example, “Hey Alex, noticed you left a pair of headphones in your cart. Just letting you know you can quickly check out using Stripe. And here’s a 10% discount just for you!” Such tailored nudges can significantly boost conversion rates.

4. Marketing and CRM (Integration with HubSpot & Salesforce)

Scenario: A B2B SaaS company wants to nurture its leads more effectively.

Application: Leveraging Gan AI with HubSpot or Salesforce, the company can create personalized video campaigns targeting individual leads based on their interactions. So, if a lead from a tech firm showed interest in their project management tool, they might receive a video saying, “Hello, Mrs. Thompson, given your company’s tech focus, our latest project management features might be just what you need. Let’s discuss!” Such pinpointed marketing can dramatically enhance engagement and conversion rates.

5. Real Estate

Scenario: A realtor wants to showcase properties to potential buyers.

Application: Upon noting a customer’s preferences, the realtor can use Gan AI to produce a tailored video tour. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Davis, given your love for open-concept designs and ocean views, here’s a property that I believe you’ll adore.” Such a personalized touch can significantly enhance the property’s appeal to the potential buyer.

6. Healthcare

Scenario: A hospital wants to enhance patient care and provide information on upcoming medical procedures.

Application: Before a patient’s procedure, Gan AI can generate a video where a doctor provides specific details tailored to the patient. “Hi Sarah, Dr. Adams here. I’ll be overseeing your procedure next week. We’ll be taking all the necessary precautions, and here’s what you can expect…” Such videos can alleviate patient anxieties and improve their overall experience.

Gan AI improvement metrics for Healthcare strategies: Eliminate appointment no-shows 10.3%, Upsell and cross-sell procedures 32.3%, Build patient trust 57.5%

7. Food Delivery

Scenario: A local pizzeria wants to promote their newest pizza flavor.

Application: Gan AI can help create a video where the chef personally introduces the new flavor to the customer. “Hey Mike, Chef Luca here. Given your love for spicy flavors, I wanted to introduce our new ‘Spicy Pepper Delight’ pizza. Hope you try it out!”

8. Education

Scenario: An online education platform wants to attract students for its new course.

Application: Using data on what courses a student has previously enrolled in or shown interest in, Gan AI can craft a message like, “Hello Aisha, given your interest in digital marketing, our new ‘Advanced SEO Techniques’ course might be the perfect next step for you!”

These real-world applications highlight the immense potential of Gan AI. By creating a bridge of personal touch in a digital world, Gan AI truly stands out as a game-changer in customer engagement across various industries.


  • Dependency on Quality: The output quality of personalized videos is largely dependent on the quality of the original video template.
  • Customization Limits: There might be a cap on the number of elements one can personalize within a single video, particularly in basic pricing tiers.


  • Data Privacy: With personalized content, there’s always a concern about the extent to which user data is utilized and stored. It’s paramount to review Gan AI’s data policy.
  • Usability: As with all platforms, there’s a learning curve. Some users might find the interface more challenging than others.
  • Compatibility: Although Gan AI videos are versatile, ensuring that they play seamlessly on older devices or specific platforms might require additional considerations.

Potential Future Developments

Considering industry trends and the trajectory of Gan AI, the tool might:

  • Expand Integration Partnerships: By collaborating with more third-party platforms, users could see more seamless workflows.
  • Advanced Analytics: Delve deeper into video engagement metrics, providing users with more granular insights into viewer behaviors.
  • Interactive Video Elements: In addition to personalization, future updates could allow users to embed interactive components within videos.

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