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Formative: Digital Teaching and Assessment Platform


Formative is a comprehensive digital platform with AI features designed to help teachers engage, instruct, and assess students in real-time. It transforms traditional educational materials into interactive, auto-graded assignments and provides tools for immediate feedback, collaboration, and enhanced student learning experiences. Additionally, Formative AI offers advanced features like auto-generating standard-aligned questions and hints for learners.

Features & Benefits

  • Interactive Assignments: Convert PDFs or Google Docs into auto-graded quizzes.
  • Real-time Engagement: Present slides with integrated questions for interactive lessons.
  • Enhanced Reading Comprehension: Add questions to reading passages to improve understanding.
  • Student Creativity: Allow audio and video responses to assignments.
  • Real-time Feedback: Monitor and respond to student work instantly.
  • Collaboration Tools: Collaborate with colleagues and co-teachers on assignments and assessments.
  • Advanced Math Tools: Promote higher-level thinking with specialized math question types.
  • App Integration: Embed external learning apps directly into assignments.
  • Anti-Cheating Measures: Detect if students copy and paste answers.
  • Growth Monitoring: Track student progress against standards over time.
  • Google Classroom Integration: Official partner for Google Classroom add-ons.
  • Formative AI: Instantly generate new items, lessons, assignments, and more.
    • Auto-Generate Standard-Aligned Questions
    • Auto-Generate Hints for Learners

Formative Platforms

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web app

Formative Tasks

  • Transform PDFs or Google Docs into quizzes
  • Present interactive slide lessons
  • Add questions to reading passages
  • Enable audio and video student responses
  • Provide real-time feedback
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Use advanced math tools
  • Embed external learning apps
  • Detect copied answers
  • Track student progress
  • Use rubrics for project evaluations
  • Ask diverse question types (graphing, drag-and-drop)
  • Edit assignments without student refresh
  • Auto-generate standard-aligned questions
  • Auto-generate hints for learners

Formative Integrations

  • Google Classroom

Real-world Applications

Formative is valuable for teachers looking to make their classes more interactive and engaging. For example, a history teacher can transform a PDF document into an auto-graded quiz, allowing for instant feedback and quicker grading. A math teacher can use advanced math tools to create challenging problem sets that encourage critical thinking. Language arts teachers can enhance reading passages with questions that improve comprehension. With the ability to provide real-time feedback, teachers can address student misunderstandings immediately. Imagine a teacher using Formative to see who is struggling with a concept during a lesson and offering instant assistance, improving overall learning outcomes. Additionally, the platform supports collaboration, enabling teachers to work together on curriculum development and student assessment.

A creative application might be for a cooking class, where students record video responses demonstrating their culinary skills. Teachers can watch these videos, provide feedback, and assess their techniques, all within the Formative platform.

Who is Formative for

  • Teachers
  • K-12 Educators
  • School Administrators

Pricing & Discount

BronzeUnlimited lessons, real-time tracking, class management, basic integrationsFree
SilverEverything in Bronze, advanced question types, grading tools, advanced settings$15/month

Formative Free Version



  • Limited advanced features in the free version
  • Requires internet access for real-time updates


  • Data Privacy: Ensuring student data is secure and private.
  • Usability: Learning curve for teachers unfamiliar with digital platforms.
  • Compatibility: Requires integration with school systems and devices.
  • Cost: Subscription fee for advanced features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced Language Support: Expanding to more languages for diverse classrooms.
  • Offline Access: Developing features to allow work offline and sync when online.
  • Expanded Integrations: Including more educational tools and platforms for seamless use.

Empower your teaching with Formative, where engagement, instruction, and assessment come together effortlessly.

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