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Forethought AI customer support automation

Forethought AI is a generative AI platform that streamlines the entire support ticket lifecycle for customer support teams. The platform uses Large Language Models (LLMs) and fine-tunes them on the company’s data to maximize efficiency and ROI for support teams. The primary product offered by Forethought AI is SupportGPT™, which helps support teams easily cut costs while providing top-tier service in every customer interaction.

Features of Forethought AI:

  1. Solve: Forethought AI can automate answers to common questions across any channel with generative AI. The AI-powered platform reads questions comprehensively, detects sentiment and intent, and finds context clues to help answer questions more carefully and correctly.
  2. Triage: Instantly enrich cases with sentiment and intent, then prioritize and route based on urgency. This feature helps support teams provide faster response time and fewer manual tasks.
  3. Assist: Forethought AI harnesses the power of generative AI, trained on the company’s data, to ramp agents faster and empower them with relevant knowledge and suggested responses. This feature helps support teams provide faster response time and higher agent productivity.
  4. Discover: Forethought AI uses generative AI to recommend and optimize workflows, track performance and ROI, and instantly improve time to resolution and lower cost. This feature helps measure ROI instantly, identify and resolve gaps, and track performance in real-time.

Benefits of Forethought AI:

  1. Lower cost per ticket: Forethought AI can help support teams automate answers to common questions, which can help reduce the cost per ticket.
  2. Faster time to resolution: With Forethought AI’s Assist and Triage features, support teams can provide faster response times and prioritize urgent tickets, which can lead to faster time to resolution.
  3. Happier customers: With Forethought AI’s ability to automate answers to common questions and provide faster time to resolution, customers are likely to be more satisfied with the support they receive.

Limitations and Concerns:

  1. Limited language capabilities: While Forethought AI is a powerful AI platform for customer support, it still has limited language capabilities. The AI model may struggle to understand colloquial or industry-specific language, which can limit its effectiveness in certain industries.
  2. Data privacy concerns: As with any AI-powered platform, there are data privacy concerns. Forethought AI may need access to sensitive customer information to provide effective support, which can raise concerns about data privacy.
  3. Implementation complexity: While Forethought AI’s AI model doesn’t require the same level of implementation to get going, it can still be complex to implement. Companies may need to allocate resources and invest time to ensure a smooth integration.

Future Developments:

Forethought AI is likely to continue improving its AI model to better understand colloquial and industry-specific language. The platform may also expand its language capabilities to better serve non-English speaking customers. Additionally, Forethought AI may continue to prioritize data privacy concerns and implement stricter data privacy measures to ensure customer data is protected.

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