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ExploreCareers: AI Career Matching


ExploreCareers is an AI-driven platform that helps users discover career options tailored to their skills and interests. By uploading a resume and providing additional preferences, users receive multiple career suggestions, each accompanied by detailed job descriptions, timelines, salary ranges, and responsibility levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Resume Analysis: Upload your resume to have your skills evaluated. Make sure to review your resume for best results.
  • Interest Survey: Fill out your interests to refine career suggestions.
  • Career Suggestions: Get multiple personalized career options.
  • Detailed Job Information: Each suggestion includes a job title, description, timeline to enter the field, salary range, and difficulty of responsibilities.




  • Get career suggestions based on CV and interests



Real-world Applications

ExploreCareers is useful for a variety of users. Recent graduates can use the AI tool to find roles that match their academic skills. Professionals considering a career change can explore new opportunities aligned with their experience and interests. For those returning to the workforce, it can suggest careers that suit their current lifestyle and skills.

For example, a user might discover that their experience in event planning translates well into project management, or that their writing hobby could lead to a career in content marketing. Additionally, someone might find out that a passion for animals could open up a path as an animal behaviorist.

Who is ExploreCareers for

  • Recent graduates
  • Jobseekers and professionals seeking career changes
  • Individuals re-entering the workforce
  • Anyone exploring new career paths

Pricing & Discount

ExploreCareers is completely free to use.

ExploreCareers Free version – Available ✅


  • No Job Application Integration: Does not integrate with job application platforms.


  • Data Privacy: Ensuring the security of user data and uploaded resumes.

Potential Future Developments

Integrations with job application sites could streamline the job search process from exploration to application. Personalized coaching based on career suggestions could provide further support.

ExploreCareers helps align your skills and interests with suitable career paths, making the journey of finding a new career more straightforward and informed.

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