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Eraser: Engineering Documents and Diagrams AI


Eraser serves as an all-encompassing tool for engineering teams, offering an integrated markdown editor, collaborative canvas, and diagram-as-code builder. It simplifies the creation, management, and collaboration on engineering documents and diagrams.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiplayer-first Collaboration: Provides a shared workspace for teams to work together in real-time.
  • File Management: Enables organization with folders, private files, and fast file search.
  • Wikilinks & Mentions: Links knowledge across files and teams, creating a comprehensive knowledge graph.
  • Markdown Editor: Tailored for developers, it includes syntax highlighting and seamless dark mode.
  • Diagram as Code: Allows the creation of diagrams using straightforward syntax, eliminating the need for GUI manipulation.
  • GitHub Integration: Facilitates working with markdown docs and diagrams alongside code, supporting PR creation.
  • AI-powered Diagrams: Quickly generates diagrams from code or text excerpts.
  • Usability Features: Includes version history, performance optimizations, and a minimalistic design to maintain focus.
  • Workflow Integration: Offers API, markdown support, various export formats (PNG, SVG, PDF, MD), and GitHub integration.

Eraser Platforms

  • Web app

Eraser Tasks

  • Centralize and organize documents and diagrams
  • Collaborative real-time editing and creation
  • Create diagrams from code with AI
  • Generate and manage version history
  • Integrate with GitHub for documentation alongside code

Eraser Integrations

  • GitHub
  • Notion
  • API

Real-world applications

Eraser shines in scenarios where engineering teams need to collaboratively document designs, architectures, and processes. For example, when a new project kicks off, architects can use Eraser to draw up architecture diagrams that are easily shared and edited by the team. Similarly, during brainstorming sessions, teams can collectively sketch out wireframes or design documents, making sure everyone’s on the same page. For developers documenting their code or processes, Eraser’s markdown and diagram-as-code capabilities ensure that documentation is both efficient and neatly integrated with their existing workflows.

Who is Eraser for

  • Engineering teams
  • Software developers
  • Architects
  • Project managers

Pricing & Discount

Free$0 per member/month5 files, 20 AI diagrams, 7-day version history, Unlimited guests, Diagram-as-code, GitHub and Notion integration
Professional$12 per member/monthUnlimited files, Unlimited AI diagrams, 90-day version history, PDF Exports, Private and publicly editable files, + Everything in Free

Eraser Free version – Available


  • Professional plan required for advanced export options and enhanced collaboration features.


  • Users may need to navigate a learning curve for diagram-as-code functionality.
  • The free version’s limitations may require upgrades for larger teams or projects.
  • Compatibility and integration with non-GitHub or Notion platforms might be limited.

Potential Future Developments

Adding support for more integrations, such as with other version control platforms or project management tools, could broaden Eraser’s applicability. Implementing additional diagram types or enhanced AI features to automatically suggest diagram improvements based on the project’s context could further augment its utility.

Explore Eraser today to streamline your engineering team’s documentation and collaboration.

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