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TextCortex: Enhancing Writing and Communication with AI

Text Cortext AI writing platform

TextCortex stands out as an AI-enhanced platform tailored to refine and streamline the process of writing and communication. With its availability across multiple platforms including web apps, browser extensions, and mobile applications, it caters to a diverse user base. From drafting emails to creating content and even translating text, TextCortex is designed to make writing tasks more efficient and inject creativity into the process.

Features & Benefits

  • ZenoChat: This feature allows for the creation of a customizable AI companion that can mirror your writing style and preferences, offering:
    • Personalized AI interactions that mirror individual styles and knowledge.
    • The capability to craft distinct AI personas for varied communication scenarios.
  • Zeno Assist: As an AI assistant, it focuses on automating repetitive tasks and simplifying the content creation process with features like:
    • Quick summarization and robust content generation tools.
    • Versatile application in settings ranging from meetings to academic research.
  • TextCortex Toolbar: Enhances productivity by offering tools for content rewriting, summarization, and multilingual translation, featuring:
    • Streamlined sentence restructuring and concept expansion.
    • Language support for over 25 languages to help break down communication barriers.
  • Custom Personas: Enables users to create AI personas tailored to specific needs or branding, providing:
    • A highly personalized AI interaction experience.
  • Knowledge Bases: This utility transforms documents into interactive, searchable knowledge hubs, facilitating:
    • Efficient document search and swift information access.
    • Immediate, relevant responses drawn from user-uploaded materials.


  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and as a web app.


  • Crafting tailored AI interactions.
  • Accelerating content summarization and generation.
  • Facilitating sentence rewriting and idea amplification.
  • Offering comprehensive language translation services.
  • Creating interactive, searchable knowledge databases.


  • n/a

Real-world applications

Across industries such as marketing, content creation, education, and customer support, TextCortex proves invaluable. Marketers and content creators benefit from enhanced efficiency in generating engaging content. Educators utilize its capabilities for summarizing and developing study materials, while customer support teams improve response quality through automation.

Who is TextCortex for

  • Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Educators
  • Customer Support Specialists

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (€/month)CreationsCustom PersonasKnowledge BasesStorageAdditional Features
Unlimited119.99UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedComprehensive GPT-4 access, 2000-word articles
Lite29.99Up to 2800Up to 10Up to 10Up to 2GBLimited messages/chat, chat history access
Free020/dayUp to 3Up to 3100MBBasic GPT-4 access, 100+ AI templates

Free version – Available ✅


While TextCortex is adept at handling a wide range of writing and communication tasks, it may fall short in generating content for highly specialized or technical fields without further human refinement.


Data privacy and the quality of AI-crafted content remain significant concerns. Maintaining compatibility and ease of use across diverse technological platforms and user expertise levels is essential.

Potential Future Developments

Anticipated advancements include enhanced natural language processing (NLP) for deeper context recognition and content customization. User experience could be enriched through broader platform integration and interface improvements, keeping pace with user expectations and technological progress.

How to Use TextCortex:

  • Choose the appropriate feature for your task.
  • Adjust settings to align with your personal or brand voice.
  • Utilize the platform’s AI for various writing, summarizing, and translating needs.

Best Practices for TextCortex:

  • Regularly update your custom personas and knowledge bases to ensure output relevance.
  • Consider AI-generated content as a draft to be refined for accuracy and context.
  • Explore all features and templates to fully benefit from TextCortex’s capabilities.

Experience the enhanced writing and communication capabilities of TextCortex by diving into its comprehensive suite of features today.

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