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Elicit: Research Paper Analysis

Elicit - AI for your research needs


Elicit emerges as a web-based AI tool designed to accelerate the pace of academic research analysis. It specializes in dissecting and summarizing research papers, enabling users to ask specific research questions and receive a curated list of relevant papers from an expansive database. Elicit also facilitates the extraction of detailed information into organized tables and synthesizes findings to uncover themes and concepts across multiple documents.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Summaries: One-sentence abstracts for quick orientation.
  • Custom Queries: Ask questions and receive relevant research papers as answers.
  • Data Extraction: Compile details from papers into structured tables.
  • Synthesis of Concepts: Identify and list common themes from numerous papers.
  • Personal Uploads: Introduce your own PDFs for analysis.
  • Source Verification: Easy access to original sources for validation.
  • Future Querying: Upcoming feature to directly ask questions to papers.

The benefits of these features include:

  • Time-saving through automated summaries.
  • Enhanced research through relevant paper discovery.
  • Increased productivity with data extraction and concept synthesis.
  • Improved accuracy with source verification.

Real-world Applications

Elicit’s functionalities make it a valuable asset across various industries, particularly those that rely heavily on empirical research such as biomedicine, machine learning, and academic institutions. Researchers can utilize Elicit for rapid literature reviews, locating elusive papers, and automating systematic reviews and meta-analyses. This tool is especially useful for new domain learning, aiding in the discovery of the latest research findings with efficiency.

Pricing & Discount

Here’s a structured overview of Elicit’s pricing model:

PlanPricingCreditsAdditional Features
BasicFree5,000 one-timePaper search, data extraction
Plus$10/month or $120/year12,000/monthHigh accuracy, export options, additional credits for purchase
EnterpriseCustomCustomShared credits, invoice billing

Note: A 20% discount is applied to yearly subscriptions.


Elicit may have limitations, including:

  • It’s not suitable for non-empirical domains or questions outside academic literature.
  • There may be inaccuracies, with an accuracy rate around 90%.
  • Credit system may limit extensive use without subscription.
  • Uploaded papers remain private but depend on the platform’s security measures.


Potential concerns for users might include:

  • Data Privacy: The security of uploaded documents.
  • Usability: The learning curve for effective use.
  • Compatibility: Integration with other research tools and platforms.

Potential Future Developments

Based on Elicit’s current offerings and industry needs, future developments could include:

  • Expansion of the database to include more diverse fields of study.
  • Increased accuracy in data extraction with fewer instances of hallucination.
  • Enhanced user interface for more intuitive navigation and usability.
  • Direct querying capabilities to interact with research papers more dynamically.

How to Use Elicit

To use Elicit effectively:

  1. Access the web app and pose a research question.
  2. Review the list of papers and select relevant ones.
  3. Use the tool to extract data and synthesize information.
  4. Upload personal research papers for analysis.

Best Practices for Elicit

  • Always verify the information extracted with the original sources.
  • Use specific, well-structured questions for better results.
  • Regularly back up your data and results externally.

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