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EASYOUT: Elevating the Retail Experience through Frictionless Checkout

EasyOut Frictionless Checkout AI system


EASYOUT, developed by Trigo, is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the retail experience. It enables consumers to simply walk into a store, pick their desired products, and walk out without having to go through traditional checkout procedures. Payments are processed via an array of options such as the retailer’s mobile app, mobile wallet, card, or cash. EASYOUT can be integrated into existing retail setups through a range of hardware and software solutions like EASYOUT App, EASYOUT Tap, and EASYOUT Station.

Features & Benefits


  • Retailer’s App Integration: Embed EASYOUT into your retail mobile app to automate payments via QR codes.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Real-time Receipts: Immediate, real-time digital receipts for every purchase.
  • Autonomous Checkout: Cameras and sensors track shoppers and their chosen items for a fully autonomous digital store.
  • Computer Vision Algorithms: Analyze anonymized data to determine shoppers’ product choices.
  • Data Insights: Provides valuable real-time analytics like store traffic, shopper behavior, and product performance.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Elimination of checkout queues increases shopper satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Theft Prevention: Real-time tracking minimizes shoplifting.
  • Actionable Data: Insights that help in product range optimization, promotional strategies, and more.
  • Workforce Efficiency: Reduces the need for manual checkouts, allowing staff to focus on improving the customer experience.

Real-world applications

EASYOUT can revolutionize retail businesses of all sizes and types, from small convenience stores to large supermarkets. Its utility extends beyond grocery, into clothing stores, electronics shops, and pharmacies. The platform is particularly useful for businesses looking to modernize without extensive layout changes.


EASYOUT’s pricing varies based on store size: one-time hardware fee and monthly software fee. Contact Trigo for more details


  • Initial Investment: The initial setup cost may be high depending on the store size and feature set.
  • Technical Issues: Potential for hardware or software malfunctions that could disrupt service.


Data Privacy

While EASYOUT promises not to capture identifiable data, concerns may still exist about the extent and use of collected anonymized data.


The reliance on technology means that some consumers might find it challenging to adapt to the new retail experience.


Stores may need to update their existing systems to be compatible with EASYOUT’s technology.

Potential Future Developments

Based on current industry trends, EASYOUT could expand its services to include augmented reality for product information, deeper integration with supply chain management systems, and enhanced customization features tailored to individual retailers.

About the Company Behind EASYOUT

Trigo is the technological powerhouse behind the EASYOUT system. Specializing in computer vision, Trigo has developed a cutting-edge solution for automating retail stores. Their technology is deployed across a range of global retail leaders, including Tesco, Rewe, Aldi, the Edeka group, Auchan, and Wakefern.

Trigo stands apart for its ability to retrofit existing stores with minimal impact on store layout and unlimited SKU support. This makes it a flexible choice for retailers ranging from convenience stores to hypermarkets. The company also prides itself on achieving a high level of accuracy, boasting a 99% rate. Furthermore, Trigo is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, meeting international standards for information security management.

One of the company’s key selling points is its data-driven approach. Using advanced vision and weight sensors, Trigo creates a digital twin of physical stores to capture and analyze shopper journeys. This enables frictionless checkouts while providing valuable insights to optimize store operations and increase revenue.

According to the company, retailers who partner with Trigo typically see a return on investment within 2-3 years. This is attributed to various revenue and cost-cutting streams such as increased Customer Lifetime Value, workforce optimization, reduced shrink, fewer out-of-stock incidents, and better overall store layout based on real-time shopper journey data.

The implementation process, including planning, sensor installation, software deployment, and beta testing, typically takes a few weeks, making it a timely solution for retailers looking to make a technological leap. Trigo’s team offers training for contractors and hardware specialists, providing a comprehensive dashboard to track system performance and insights.

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