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Dreamlook.ai: Train Stable Diffusion Models Fast

Dreamlook.ai is a potent artificial intelligence tool that lets users finetune Stable Diffusion models quickly and effortlessly. This platform provides a seamless way to train models within a few minutes and can handle thousands of runs per day.

Key Features

Unbeatable Speed

Dreamlook.ai claims impressive speed, running 1,200 steps in 3 minutes and 10,000 steps in just 15 minutes. This speed does not compromise the quality of the output, allowing for a swift and efficient process.

Cost Effective

Dreamlook.ai is designed to be a cost-effective solution for AI model training. The pricing is set at $1 per 5,000 training steps, with lower prices available at larger scales. Notably, your first training run is free.

Robust, Scalable API

The platform offers a robust and scalable API, allowing users to power their applications without worrying about spinning up instances or finding GPU quotas.

Privacy Conscious

Dreamlook.ai is mindful of users’ privacy. All uploaded images and trained models are deleted after 48 hours, ensuring that user data does not linger on their servers.

Real-World Applications

Dreamlook.ai can be used to train models on various objects or styles, providing wide-ranging applications across different sectors. For instance, artists or designers may use it to create unique, AI-generated designs. Businesses could use it to develop logos or branding elements based on specific prompts. In the tech industry, developers could integrate the API into their software to offer AI-based features.


Dreamlook.ai’s pricing is structured around tokens, with the cost decreasing as you purchase more tokens. Prices start at $6 for 60 tokens and go up to $750 for 10,000 tokens. The higher the token package, the more finetuning runs and generated images you get. Users who need more than 10k tokens are encouraged to contact Dreamlook.ai directly.

Limitations and Concerns

While Dreamlook.ai offers many benefits, it is essential to consider its limitations. One key concern is the deletion of uploaded images and trained models after 48 hours, which may not suit users who want a longer storage period.

Another potential limitation is the requirement of knowing how to operate and implement the API. Users unfamiliar with APIs may face a learning curve.

Potential Future Developments

To enhance the tool’s quality, functionality, and productivity output, several potential future developments could be considered. One such improvement could be extending the data retention period beyond 48 hours, while still maintaining strong privacy controls. Additionally, creating a more user-friendly interface for those not well-versed with APIs could broaden the tool’s user base.


Dreamlook.ai is a robust AI tool that provides a fast, cost-effective, and privacy-conscious platform for finetuning Stable Diffusion models. Despite some limitations, its benefits and real-world applications make it a compelling choice for those looking to harness the power of AI.

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