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DreamLook: Train Stable Diffusion Models

DreamLook Stable Diffusion fine-tuning


DreamLook is a dynamic AI platform designed to finetune Stable Diffusion models. It’s a web-based service that caters to both individual creators and businesses, enabling rapid model training and large-scale image generation. DreamLook’s main features include accelerated model training, high-resolution image generation, and LoRA file extraction for reduced file sizes. It provides a robust API for seamless integration into various applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Model Training: Train models 2.5x faster, enabling more experiments and quicker iterations.
  • High-Resolution Image Generation: Create 1024×1024 images in just 2.5 seconds, supporting ControlNet and SDXL.
  • LoRA File Extraction: Offers an option to extract smaller LoRA files, reducing the download size while maintaining quality.
  • Scalable API: A robust and scalable API for integrating DreamLook’s capabilities into other applications.
  • Dreambooth Performance: Train models with up to 1,200 steps in under 3 minutes without compromising quality.
  • Flexible Training Options: Supports training on various objects and styles based on user prompts.

DreamLook Tasks

  • Rapid finetuning of Stable Diffusion models
  • Generating high-resolution images
  • Extracting and utilizing LoRA files
  • Integrating trained models into other platforms like AUTOMATIC1111, RunDiffusion, and ThinkDiffusion
  • Training models on specific styles or objects

DreamLook Integrations

  • RunDiffusion
  • ThinkDiffusion

Real-world applications

In digital marketing, it enables the creation of unique visual content rapidly. Graphic designers can leverage it to experiment with different styles and concepts efficiently. The entertainment industry, especially game developers and filmmakers, can use DreamLook to generate concept art and visual effects. Educational institutions can incorporate it into digital art and technology curriculums. Additionally, AI researchers and developers can use DreamLook for AI model experimentation and enhancement. It’s also a valuable tool for freelance artists and photographers looking to expand their creative palette.

Who is DreamLook for

  • Marketers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Game Developers
  • Filmmakers
  • Educational Institutions
  • AI Researchers
  • Freelance Artists
  • Photographers

Pricing & Discount

TokensPriceSD1.5 RunsSDXL RunsGenerated Images
150$15Up to 15Up to 3Up to 1.2k
700$60Up to 70Up to 17Up to 5.6k
1,200$100Up to 120Up to 30Up to 9.6k
5,000$400Up to 500Up to 125Up to 40k
10,000$750Up to 1,000Up to 250Up to 80k

DreamLook Free version

Not Available


  • Default retention of uploaded images and models is only 48 hours.
  • LoRA files, while smaller, might offer slightly lower image quality compared to full models.
  • SDXL, being in beta, may have limitations in terms of stability and features.


  • Data Privacy: The automatic deletion of images and models could be a concern for users needing longer retention.
  • Usability: Users with limited technical knowledge might find the process of training and integrating models challenging.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility with other AI tools and platforms, especially for specific formats like LoRA files, might be limited.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for DreamLook could include extended data retention options, improved user interface for ease of use, advanced training features for more precise model customization, and broader compatibility with other AI apps and platforms.

Discover the efficiency and creativity DreamLook offers in AI image generation.

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