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Doks: AI Chatbot for Website Integration

Doks customer service AI chatbot


Doks is an AI-powered chatbot designed to integrate seamlessly with websites and documentation platforms. It uses ChatGPT technology to provide context-aware search results, significantly enhancing user experience and reducing support costs. This tool is notable for its ability to train from various sources, including existing knowledge bases, public websites, and multiple URLs, allowing it to deliver tailored and accurate responses. Doks can be easily embedded as a chatbot on websites, making it a versatile tool for customer support and information dissemination.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Powered Search: Doks offers an AI-driven search functionality that goes beyond keyword matching, understanding the context and meaning of user queries.
  • ChatGPT Integration: The tool uses ChatGPT to power searches in Docs and Knowledgebases, providing human-like interactions.
  • Usage Analytics: Doks provides insights into how users interact with the ChatGPT interface, allowing for continual optimization of AI responses.
  • Customizable AI Responses: Responses can be fine-tuned to align with an organization’s specific guidelines and preferences.
  • Training from Multiple Sources: The AI can be expanded and educated using various URLs and information sources.
  • Embedding Options: Easy to embed as a chatbot on websites, facilitating direct interaction with users.

Real-world Applications

Doks is particularly beneficial for industries heavily reliant on customer support and information dissemination, such as e-commerce, technology, healthcare, and education. By integrating Doks, companies can efficiently manage customer inquiries, provide instant responses to FAQs, and streamline their support services. This tool is also valuable for educational platforms and knowledge bases, where it can offer instant, accurate information to learners or users seeking specific knowledge.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice per MonthMessage CreditsCharacters/ProjectProjectsCustomizationLead FormsGPT-4 Availability
Starter$152,0002 million2Yes1Yes
Premium$405,0005 million5YesUnlimitedYes
Ultimate$8010,00010 million10YesUnlimitedComing Soon
Enterprise$33040,00015 million15YesUnlimitedComing Soon

Doks offers 2 months free with annual billing.


  • Content Limitation: Doks currently only processes and analyzes text-based content, not supporting video or audio inputs.
  • AI Model Limitation: As of now, Doks primarily uses GPT-3.5, with GPT-4 integration announced as ‘coming soon’.
  • Customization Limitations: Some advanced customization options, particularly in the look and feel of the chatbot, are restricted to paid plans.


  • Data Privacy: Users may have concerns about how their data and the data of their website users are handled by the AI.
  • Usability: There might be a learning curve for setting up and optimizing the chatbot to meet specific needs.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring that Doks integrates smoothly with various website platforms and browsers could be a concern for some users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration of GPT-4: The upcoming integration of GPT-4 could significantly enhance the chatbot’s capabilities.
  • Video and Audio Content Processing: Future versions might include the ability to process and learn from multimedia content.
  • Advanced Customization Features: Further development could offer more robust customization options for the chatbot’s appearance and responses.

How to Use Doks

To use Doks, users need to sign up, select their training resources, and train their AI chatbot. The chatbot can be embedded on a website by copying and pasting the provided script code. The tool allows for retraining of the AI to update its knowledge base.

Best Practices for Doks

  • Regularly update and retrain the chatbot to ensure it provides the most accurate and relevant information.
  • Utilize analytics to understand user interactions and continuously improve the AI’s responses.
  • Tailor the chatbot’s tone and responses to align with the brand’s voice and customer expectations.

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