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DocuTalk: Building Customizable AI Chatbots for Your Website

DocuTalk AI chatbot builder for your website


Imagine an efficient and tireless assistant, always available and perfectly trained on the specifics of your business, handling customer inquiries on your website. This vision becomes reality with DocuTalk. A platform designed to leverage large language models (LLM), such as ChatGPT, to construct customized chatbots, DocuTalk enables users to rapidly address customer inquiries, streamline onboarding, and provide easy access to knowledge within organizations.

Features & Benefits

DocuTalk’s offerings focus on making support as seamless as possible, saving businesses time while boosting customer satisfaction. Some of its primary features include:

  • Customizability: DocuTalk allows users to tailor all aspects of their chatbot, from appearance to behavior, ensuring brand consistency and user-friendly interaction.
  • Ease of Deployment: Whether as an iframe embed or chat bubble widget, DocuTalk chatbots can be easily integrated into any website.
  • Chat History: Users can analyze chat histories to better understand and address customer inquiries, contributing to a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • Multilingual Support: Catering to a global audience, DocuTalk supports around 95 languages for both training and user interaction.
  • Instant Readiness: Following a three-step process of bot creation, customization, and deployment, users can have a working bot on their website within minutes.

The result of these features is a robust, AI-powered chatbot that enhances customer interaction, aids internal communication, and ultimately drives greater business efficiency.

Real-world applications

DocuTalk is applicable across various real-world scenarios:

  • Customer Support: Businesses can utilize DocuTalk to handle frequently asked questions, quickly providing customers with relevant information and reducing the load on their support team.
  • Employee Onboarding: New team members often have a plethora of questions. A DocuTalk chatbot, trained on internal documentation, can serve as a virtual assistant, guiding them through the onboarding process.
  • Knowledge Repository: Organizations with extensive documentation can use DocuTalk to make that knowledge easily accessible, assisting team members in finding answers faster.

Pricing & Discount

DocuTalk offers multiple pricing plans to cater to different business sizes:

  • Basic: For $19/month, users get two chatbots, 2,000,000 characters/bot, 2000 messages/month, widget customization, chat history insights, and can embed the bots on unlimited websites.
  • Standard: At $49/month, users receive five chatbots, 4,000,000 characters/bot, 5000 messages/month, and the features of the Basic plan.
  • Pro: For $99/month, users have access to 20 chatbots, 6,000,000 characters/bot, 10,000 messages/month, and the features of the Basic plan.
  • Elite: At $399/month, users get 40 chatbots, 10,000,000 characters/bot, 50,000 messages/month, full widget customization, priority support, and can remove the ‘Powered by DocuTalk’ tag.

Discounts are available for yearly billing, offering two months free, and all users can avail a 7-day free trial on signing up.


As much as DocuTalk provides a robust solution for creating AI chatbots, it’s not without limitations. Currently, it relies on OpenAI Chat completion and embedding models, and may not offer as much customization or unique personality to the bots as some users may prefer. Also, it does not support messenger platforms or existing customer chat systems, which could limit integration possibilities for some businesses.


Privacy and data security can be significant concerns for users. While DocuTalk stores chat histories, which can be crucial for understanding customer queries, businesses should consider data protection regulations applicable in their region.

Potential Future Developments

Looking ahead, DocuTalk could enhance its offerings by expanding its platform to support messenger platforms and existing customer chat systems. Improving the customization of bots to include unique personalities and tones could further enhance its appeal to users. Lastly, DocuTalk could work towards supporting additional document formats like PDFs, making it even more flexible for businesses with diverse content forms.

How to Use DocuTalk

Deploying a chatbot using DocuTalk involves a simple three-step process:

  1. Create a Bot: Enter some basic details and links to your website to create a bot. DocuTalk’s crawler can even read through your entire website using a sitemap link.
  2. Customize the Bot: Change the bot interface to match your brand. You can customize everything from the welcome message and bot avatar to colors and even the bot’s personality & tone.
  3. Deploy the Bot: Copy and paste the provided HTML snippet into any of your web pages to deploy your bot.

It’s as easy as that – no coding needed.

Best Practices for DocuTalk

To maximize the benefits of DocuTalk, users should regularly review chat histories to identify common customer queries and ensure the chatbot is effectively addressing them. Additionally, taking advantage of DocuTalk’s customizability to align the chatbot with the company’s brand can provide a more cohesive user experience.

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