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Docsie: Streamline Your Documentation Process


Docsie provides a comprehensive solution for creating, sharing, and managing digital documentation and knowledge bases. It supports enterprises in developing product documentation, help centers, user manuals, SOPs, and much more, aimed at improving documentation workflow and access.

Features & Benefits

  • Centralized Knowledge Bases & Lifecycle Management: Keep all documentation in one place for streamlined access and updates.
  • In-App Support & Ticketing System: Offer immediate assistance to users within your app and efficiently manage inquiries.
  • Multilingual & Version Control: Serve a global audience with documents in multiple languages and maintain control over document versions.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots & Content Creation: Leverage artificial intelligence for automatic customer support and to enhance content creation.
  • Interactive Product Tours & Embedded Content: Engage users directly within your documentation with interactive guides and embedded materials.
  • Flexible Editing with Markdown & WYSIWYG: Choose the best editing approach that suits your needs, from Markdown to What You See Is What You Get editors.
  • Content Performance Analytics & Feedback Collection: Gain insights into how your content performs and gather valuable user feedback.
  • Technical Documentation Support & AI Translation: Easily create technical documents and translate content effortlessly with AI.

Docsie Platforms

  • Web App

Docsie Tasks

  • Build and manage internal and external knowledge bases.
  • Develop chatbots for automated customer interaction.
  • Create in-app help interfaces and support tickets.
  • Handle versioning and language management for documents.
  • Collect feedback and analyze web analytics for insights.

Docsie Integrations

  • Integrations for simplified workflows.

Real-world applications

Docsie is the go-to tool for various scenarios requiring efficient documentation management. For example, a software company can use Docsie to streamline its API documentation, making it easier for developers to understand and use their APIs. Educational institutions might utilize Docsie for organizing their SOPs, ensuring clarity and compliance across the board. E-commerce platforms can benefit from creating interactive product tours, enhancing customer engagement and reducing the need for extensive customer support. Mid to larg sized companies can rely on the AI knowledge management platform to create comrehensive employee training manual for each position.

For a humorous twist: Imagine using Docsie to demystify the process of assembling that notoriously complicated flat-pack furniture. Thanks to Docsie’s interactive guides and chatbot, you could go from swearing at a pile of wooden pieces to bragging about your craftsmanship on social media, all without a single tear.

Who is Docsie for

  • Technical Writers
  • Product Managers
  • Developers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (Billed Annually)Month-to-Month PriceKey Offerings
Standard$89 /per month$143 USD5 Team Accounts, 1 Workspace
Premium$170 /per month$341 USD5 Team Accounts, 1 Workspace
Business$242 /per month$440 USD10 Team Accounts, 2 Workspaces
Organization$699 /per month$900 USD25 Team Accounts, 3 Workspaces

Docsie Free version – Available

  • Public Knowledge Base
  • 2 Team Accounts


  • Limited team accounts and workspace options in the free and lower-tier plans.


  • Ensuring data privacy and security for documentation stored online.
  • Compatibility with various systems and software.
  • The learning curve associated with utilizing advanced features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Advanced AI features for more nuanced content creation and management.
  • Broader integration capabilities for improved workflow efficiency.

Start simplifying your documentation process with Docsie today and enhance your team’s productivity and focus.

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