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DiagramGPT: Diagram AI


DiagramGPT by Eraser is an AI tool designed to generate diagrams from various inputs, including text descriptions, code snippets, or images. It simplifies creating sequence, entity relationship, cloud architecture, and flowchart diagrams. Users can start with a preset or describe their needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Preset Options: Choose from presets like Stripe payment flow or GitHub action for quick diagram creation.
  • Multiple Diagram Types: Supports sequence, entity relationship, cloud architecture, and flowchart diagrams.
  • Versatile Input Options: Accepts schemas, code snippets, plain language descriptions, or image files.
  • Editing Capability: Edit diagrams in Eraser, a tool designed for engineering teams, using a diagram-as-code syntax.
  • API Access: Available for Professional Plan teams, facilitating integration with other services.Contact for details and pricing.

DiagramGPT Platforms

  • Web app

DiagramGPT Tasks

  • Generate diagrams from presets
  • Create diagrams from text, code, or images

DiagramGPT Integrations

  • API

Real-world applications

DiagramGPT is a versatile AI tool that can transform how individuals and teams visualize complex processes and systems. For example, a developer can quickly generate an entity relationship diagram to visualize a database structure or a project manager can sketch out a new onboarding flow for doctors in a healthcare app. It’s equally useful for educators explaining complex concepts through visual aids. And for those spontaneous moments of creativity, imagine whipping up a flowchart to decide what movie to watch on a Friday night.

Who is DiagramGPT for

  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Educators
  • Engineering Teams

Pricing & Discount


DiagramGPT Free version



  • Professional Plan required for API access.
  • Limited to four types of diagrams.
  • Editing requires use of Eraser’s specific syntax.


  • Learning curve for diagram-as-code syntax.
  • API access limited to Professional Plan teams.
  • Compatibility with only four diagram types may not cover all user needs.

Potential Future Developments

Future updates could introduce more diagram types and offer a wider range of editing tools directly within DiagramGPT.

Explore DiagramGPT for an easy way to turn your ideas into visual diagrams

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