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Delve AI: Automated Persona Creation and Analysis

Delve AI persona developmet and market analysis


Delve AI is a sophisticated tool designed to automate the creation and analysis of personas for businesses. It leverages data from various sources like Google Analytics, CRM systems, and social media platforms to generate detailed personas. Delve AI serves as a web application that integrates with these data sources to provide valuable insights into customer behavior, competitor strategies, and market trends.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Segmentation: Delve AI segments your audience based on behavior, demographics, and other key metrics, simplifying the process of identifying distinct customer groups.
  • Data-Driven Personas: It creates detailed personas using your business’s data, offering a clear view of different customer profiles.
  • Audience Intelligence: The AI tool provides deep insights into your audience, helping you understand their needs and preferences.
  • Social Enrichment: Integrates social media data to enrich the personas with information on customer interests and online behavior.
  • Industry-Specific Insights: Delivers tailored insights relevant to your industry, enhancing the relevance of the personas.
  • User Journeys: Maps out the customer journey, identifying touchpoints and opportunities for engagement.
  • Automatic Updates: Personas evolve as your data changes, ensuring they always reflect the current state of your audience.

Delve AI Tasks

  • Automatic segmentation of audiences
  • Creation of data-driven personas
  • Enrichment of personas with social media data
  • Analysis of customer/CRM data
  • Insights from press, news, podcasts, and YouTube channels
  • Identification of industry-specific trends and insights
  • Tracking and analysis of user journeys
  • Competitor analysis including keywords and strategies

Delve AI Integrations

  • Google Analytics
  • Various CRM systems
  • Social media platforms

Real-world applications

Delve AI is beneficial across various industries such as e-commerce, B2B services, marketing agencies, and social media management. For e-commerce businesses, it can create buyer personas that help tailor marketing strategies. B2B companies can use it to understand organizational clients better and tailor their offerings. Marketing agencies find Delve AI useful for developing client-specific strategies and campaigns. Additionally, social media managers can leverage this tool to gain insights into their audience, enhancing content relevance and engagement.

Who is Delve AI for

  • Marketers
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • B2B Service Providers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Agencies

Pricing & Discount

Delve AI offers a tiered pricing structure to cater to different user needs:

Plan TypePriceFeatures
LITE PLANFREETest drive, no credit card required
BUSINESS PLANSfrom $89/monthFor single businesses
AGENCY PLANSfrom $209/monthFor multiple businesses

Delve AI Free version



Delve AI might not fully capture the nuances of highly niche markets or very specific customer segments due to its reliance on available data. The effectiveness of its insights also heavily depends on the quality and quantity of the data fed into the system.


Users might have concerns regarding data privacy, especially when integrating personal customer data. There could also be challenges in usability for those not familiar with AI data analytics tools. Compatibility with certain CRM systems or data sources might be limited.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include more advanced AI algorithms for deeper insights, broader integration capabilities with various data sources, and more tailored solutions for specific industries or niches.

Ready to gain deeper insights into your audience and stay ahead of the competition?

Try Delve AI today and transform the way you understand and engage with your customers!

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