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Craiyon: AI-Powered Image Generation from Text

Craiyon AI image generatior


Craiyon, formerly known as DALL·E mini, is an AI-driven platform that generates images based on text prompts. By using advanced AI models, Craiyon allows users to create unique visuals from any text input, making it suitable for various content creation tasks.


AI Image Generation

Craiyon’s AI model can generate images from any text prompt, providing users with creative and unique visuals based on their input. The free mode for generating images takes about a minute and does not require registration. You can choose the type of output from Art, Drawing, Photo or None. As a result you get 9 small images (256×256 px).

Here are the results for our test:

Image Enhancement

Users can enhance generated images using the “Enhance” option, which increases the resolution of the image without affecting the overall result significantly.

Negative Words

To refine image generation, users can input negative words to exclude specific concepts from the generated image.

Prompt Prediction

Craiyon leverages ChatGPT to suggest new prompts for users to try, offering diverse and creative image generation possibilities.

Creating AI art with Craiyon

Real World Applications

Craiyon’s AI-powered image generation finds utility in various domains, enabling rapid content creation, aiding graphic design prototypes, visualizing concepts for education and product development, fostering artistic exploration, assisting in UI design, enhancing social media engagement, facilitating scientific data representation, and offering innovative solutions for book covers and online merchandising.

Craiyon Scenarios

  • Blog Illustrations: A travel blogger uses Craiyon to create unique images of exotic destinations mentioned in their articles, providing readers with captivating visuals that enhance their storytelling.
  • Product Prototype Visualization: A startup founder generates images of product prototypes for investor pitches, offering a visual representation of their ideas and potential market offerings.
  • Educational Diagrams: A biology teacher employs Craiyon to craft visual aids illustrating cellular processes, aiding students in understanding complex biological concepts.
  • Social Media Engagement: An influencer generates eye-catching visuals for their social media posts using Craiyon, increasing user engagement and interactions on their platforms.
  • Artistic Exploration: An artist uses Craiyon to create preliminary sketches for a new series of paintings, experimenting with different themes and styles before beginning the actual artwork.
  • Storyboarding for Animation: An animator utilizes Craiyon to outline scenes and characters for an upcoming animated short film, streamlining the planning phase of the project.
  • Concept Design for Apps: A UI/UX designer generates rough drafts of mobile app interfaces using Craiyon, providing a starting point for the development of intuitive user experiences.
  • Visualizing Research Findings: A scientist generates images to represent complex data visualizations, enhancing research papers and making scientific findings more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Book Cover Concepts: An author generates potential book cover ideas using Craiyon, helping publishers visualize different design directions for their upcoming novel.
  • Online Store Previews: An online retailer generates images of upcoming products with Craiyon, allowing customers to preview items and build anticipation before the official launch.

These scenarios demonstrate how Craiyon’s AI-driven image generation can be applied across diverse fields, enhancing creativity, communication, and productivity.


Apart from the option to use the free AI image generator, Craiyon offers three pricing tiers:

Pricing TierFeatures IncludedPrice
Supporter45 seconds for 9 images, Unlimited images, High priority, No ads, No watermark, Private images*$6/month
Professional15 seconds for 9 images, Unlimited images, Highest priority, No ads, No watermark, Private images*, Early access to new features$24/month
EnterpriseCustom models, Custom integrations, Dedicated support, Private serversCustom pricing

*Images generated in the free tier may be shared and will appear in Craiyon Search anonymously.

Limitations and Concerns

Craiyon’s AI image generation model, while powerful, has some limitations:

  1. Biases: The model may generate images containing harmful stereotypes or reinforcing societal biases. The exact nature and extent of these biases are not fully documented, but ongoing work is being done to address and understand them better, as mentioned in the DALL·E mini model card.
  2. Image Quality: Although the platform provides an “Enhance” option to improve image resolution, some users may still find the generated image quality lacking. Craiyon is continuously working on improving image quality.
  3. Server Capacity: During periods of high traffic, users may experience difficulties in generating images. While the Craiyon team is working on increasing server capacity, users may need to try multiple times to generate images in the meantime.

Please let me know if you’d like me to add or modify any information in these sections.

Potential Future Developments

While the Craiyon website does not explicitly mention planned future developments, there are several potential areas for improvement and expansion of the platform:

  1. Mobile App: Developing a mobile app could make Craiyon more accessible and user-friendly, allowing users to generate images on the go.
  2. Multi-Language Support: Expanding language support for the platform could help Craiyon cater to a more diverse user base and increase its reach.
  3. Collaboration Features: Introducing collaboration features, such as sharing and editing image projects with team members, could improve the platform’s usability in professional settings.
  4. API Integration: Providing API access to Craiyon’s AI image generation features could enable developers to integrate the platform’s capabilities into their applications and services.
  5. Expanded Model Training: Continuously training the AI model on more diverse and updated datasets could reduce biases and improve overall image quality.

These potential developments could enhance the user experience and make Craiyon a more versatile and powerful AI image generation platform.

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