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Conversational AI for Virtual Worlds

Convai is a conversational AI tool designed to enable characters with human-like conversation capabilities in virtual worlds and games. The product is built on cutting-edge generative conversational AI technology and aims to address the problem of “hallucination” of information that can occur with large language models.

How It Works

Convai offers an easy-to-use interface to create intelligent characters and plugins to connect them to virtual world assets and game engines. Users can create characters with the right backstory, voice, and expertise, and test them on the playground. The product enables the characters to have open-ended voice-based conversations and carry out actions in the virtual world, based on commands or their own motivation.

Convai Features

Convai is designed for real-time, end-to-end voice-based interactions with characters and optimized to support millions of users. It allows users to add unlimited knowledge to make their character an expert and perceive the environment to execute actions based on user commands or their own motivation.

Convai’s product features include:

  • Conversational AI for virtual worlds
  • Ability to add unlimited knowledge to make characters an expert
  • Scene perception and actions
  • Voice-to-voice interface
  • Ability to make characters reliable and accurate
  • Integration with popular platforms such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia omniverse, and Discord.

Convai Use Cases

Convai can be used in various industries to reimagine gaming, learning, and entertainment with AI characters. In gaming, Convai enables users to mod games to enable NPCs with open-ended conversation capabilities, onboard users with conversational characters, and enable companion bots to carry out commands and strategies. In the metaverse, Convai enables users to create AI tutors that can teach any subject with reliable expertise for K12 and universities, enable AI-guided training applications in various domains such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, ecommerce, etc., and populate virtual worlds with AI assistants that can help visitors and make the world seem alive.

Convai Integrations

Convai supports Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, and Discord, but its Core APIs can be integrated into any application.


Convai offers different pricing plans for its users, ranging from Free to Enterprise. The Free plan is for starting out and learning to use Convai APIs, while the Gamer plan is for new games or XR developers. The Indie Dev plan is recommended for indie developers or small creators, and the Professional plan is for small organizations. The Enterprise plan is for large organizations or game-studios. Convai provides a daily free interaction quota, a monthly interaction quota, interaction costs beyond the additional quota, character concurrency, knowledge size, alpha feature access, moderation filter controls/adjustment, multilingual support, voice cloning, data exports for all interactions of the characters, whitelabel solution (no attribution required), custom terms of service, dedicated solution architects, and a 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA.

Limitations and Concerns

As with any AI tool, there are limitations and concerns to consider when using Convai. One potential limitation is that it may not be suitable for applications where precise and accurate responses are required. Additionally, concerns may arise regarding privacy and data protection, especially when interacting with AI characters that can perceive the environment and execute actions.

Potential Future Developments

Convai is constantly evolving, and there is potential for future developments in areas such as enhanced knowledge bases for characters, more integrations with different platforms and game engines, improved multilingual support, and increased customization options.

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