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Conker: AI-Based Online Quiz Creator

Conker online quiz creation AI


Conker is a sophisticated online tool designed for creating and managing quizzes. As an AI-powered online quiz creator, Conker simplifies the process of generating engaging and diverse quizzes. This tool is primarily web-based, providing educators with a convenient and efficient solution for quiz creation.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Powered: Conker uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate quizzes. This saves time and effort in quiz creation.
  • Customizable: Users can create personalized quizzes or modify existing ones to meet specific student needs.
  • Standards-Aligned: Offers a wide range of pre-made quizzes that align with K12 standards, including NGSS and TEKS.
  • Accommodations: Features integrated read-aloud options for accessible learning.
  • Varied Question Types: Supports multiple question formats and can export quizzes to Google Forms or share via Canvas LMS.

Conker Tasks

  • Automated quiz generation
  • Customizable quiz creation
  • Standards-aligned assessments
  • Accessible quiz options with read-aloud feature
  • Exporting quizzes to different formats

Conker Integrations

  • Google Forms
  • Canvas LMS

Real-world applications

Conker is beneficial across the educational sector, particularly in K12 settings. Its ease of use and customizable features make it an ideal tool for teachers looking to create interactive and varied assessments. It also offers significant advantages for special education, where the read-aloud feature can aid students with different learning needs. Additionally, its standards alignment ensures that educators are consistently meeting educational benchmarks.

Who is Conker for

  • Educators
  • K12 Teachers
  • Special Education Professionals

Pricing & Discount

FreeFreeShare 5 quizzes, 50 responses, All question types, 10 question limit, Up to 1200 words in reading
Basic$3.99/monthShare 10 quizzes, 100 responses, All question types, 10 question limit
Pro$5.99/monthShare unlimited quizzes, Unlimited responses, All question types, 20 question limit, Up to 5000 words in reading

Conker Free version



Conker, while versatile, may have limitations in offering advanced analytics or customization beyond its preset standards. The free version also restricts the number of quizzes and responses, which may not be sufficient for larger classes or more frequent assessments.


Potential concerns with Conker might include data privacy issues, as with any online educational tool. Users should also consider the compatibility of the online AI quiz creator with their existing digital classroom tools and the learning curve associated with mastering its features.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Conker may include advanced analytics for tracking student performance, more diverse question types, and expanded standards alignment. Integration with additional educational platforms and enhanced customization options could also be anticipated.

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