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Concensus: Simplifying Access to Scientific Research

Concensus AI


Concensus is an AI-driven search engine designed to extract and distill findings directly from scientific research. By focusing exclusively on peer-reviewed, published sources, it seeks to democratize expert knowledge and make scientific information accessible to all.


Scientific Results

Concensus ensures the credibility of the information by only searching through peer-reviewed, published sources.

Instant Analysis

The platform’s AI technology reads the research papers, extracting key findings and presenting them in an easily digestible format.

Ad-Free Experience

Concensus promises a 100% ad-free experience, focusing on delivering results from scientists rather than marketing teams.

Consensus Meter

The Consensus Meter classifies results as indicating “yes”, “no”, or “possibly” in response to “Yes/No” questions, providing a clean, aggregated interface.


The core benefit of Concensus is its ability to simplify the research process. By automating parts of the research process, it makes finding rigorous, evidence-based answers straightforward and easy. This democratizes access to expert knowledge, making it easier for users to find vetted, unbiased information.

Real-World Applications

Concensus finds application in any field where access to scientific knowledge is needed. This includes educational settings, policy-making, business decision-making, and even personal use for individuals interested in understanding the scientific consensus on various topics.

Concensus Pricing

At the date of publishing this information, the platform offers free search capabilities, focusing on its mission to democratize expert knowledge.

Limitations and Concerns

While Concensus aims to simplify access to scientific information, the effectiveness and accuracy of the AI in extracting key findings from complex scientific papers may vary. Additionally, the search engine’s reliance on peer-reviewed sources, while ensuring credibility, might also limit the breadth of information available to users.

Concensus Potential Future Developments

Recent announcements suggest a focus on partnerships to enhance the capabilities of Concensus. The collaboration with Semantic Scholar, SciScore, and Centaur Labs indicates a push towards creating a more comprehensive and efficient research experience. Furthermore, the introduction of GPT-4-powered scientific summaries suggests ongoing development to improve the user experience.

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