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Columns: Streamlining Data Storytelling for Agile Teams

Columns is a lightweight Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed to make data storytelling effective and intuitive for agile teams and professionals. By focusing on simplicity and efficiency, Columns provides a platform where users can effortlessly link various data sources, transform data into compelling visual narratives, and communicate insights within teams seamlessly.

Features & Benefits

  • Data Integration: Easily connect spreadsheets, CSV files, Notion, Airtable, Restful APIs, SQL databases, and more, streamlining the data collection process.
  • Data Transformation: Utilize AI to transform data into visual narratives, enhancing the storytelling aspect of data analysis.
  • Professional Storytelling: Build stunning content with Canva-like tools, enriched by AI-generated titles and summaries, elevating the presentation of data.
  • Show & Tell: Share insights by embedding views, exporting visuals as SVG/PNG, adding comments, or creating dynamic dashboard pages for interactive data storytelling.
  • Stay in Sync: Automate updates to ensure your visual stories remain aligned with the latest data, facilitating up-to-date communication and decision-making.

Columns Platforms

  • Web app

Columns Tasks

  • Add video captions
  • Generate images
  • Perform keyword research

Columns Integrations

  • API
  • Airtable
  • Notion
  • ChatGPT
  • Fina

Real-world applications

Columns is versatile, benefiting various industries by providing a platform for enhanced data storytelling. In marketing, it aids in visualizing campaign performance and consumer trends. Financial analysts can use it to present complex financial data in an easily digestible format. Education professionals can leverage it to create interactive learning materials. Healthcare analysts might find it useful for visualizing patient data trends. Additionally, it supports IT and development teams in tracking project progress and analytics. Retail businesses can utilize it to analyze customer behavior and sales trends. Real estate agencies can present market analyses visually. Non-profits can communicate their impact more effectively. Moreover, HR departments can visualize employee data and performance metrics. Lastly, it aids researchers in presenting their findings in a more engaging manner.

Who is Columns for

  • Marketers
  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Educators
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • IT Professionals
  • Retail Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • HR Managers
  • Researchers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (USD/month)Features
Free$0– AI-assisted data storytelling
– Unlimited data connections
– 10 visual stories
Premium$15– Unlimited visual stories
– API access
– Unlimited time series data forecasting
BusinessCustom– SSO/SAML integration
– Team management
– Whitelabeling customization

Columns Free version – Available


While Columns offers a wide range of functionalities, it might not cater to the needs of users looking for advanced predictive analytics or those requiring highly specialized BI tools for specific industries. Its simplicity, while a strength, may not satisfy the requirements of users with complex data analysis needs.


Potential concerns could include the learning curve associated with mastering the tool’s advanced features, ensuring data privacy and security, especially when integrating with external data sources, and the scalability of the platform as business needs grow.

Potential Future Developments

Specific improvements could include the addition of more advanced analytics features, enhanced customization options for visual storytelling, and broader integration capabilities with other tools and platforms.

Encouraging users to explore Columns’ capabilities and how it can enhance their data storytelling efforts could foster more informed decision-making and creative data presentation within teams.

Message from Columns

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for checking out Columns – the future AI storyteller for your data.

Today, Columns enable us to build data stories from your data easily, produce beautiful sharable visual stories and keep them in sync automatically.

Tomorrow, Columns will employ full AI to auto-tell your data stories in video and presentation formats.

If you love the vision, follow us and grow together with us!

There are various ways to engage with us, check out, I appreciate your company!

Shawn Cao

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