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Co-Writer: An AI-Powered Co-writing Platform

Cowriter AI platform

Co-Writer is a robust AI-powered platform designed to aid your company’s communication content and copywriting needs. It leverages artificial intelligence to streamline and expedite the content creation process, making it an ideal tool for teams and content producers.


Built on a foundation of few-shot-learning and fine-tuned GPT-3+ models, Co-Writer is designed to generate texts that conform to your specific requirements. The platform offers a unique blend of speed and customization, delivering content in seconds while still maintaining a tailor-made style that matches your existing texts.

Features and Benefits

High-Quality Content Creation

Co-Writer enables the generation of high-quality articles, social media posts, and copy within seconds. The tool’s ability to produce content rapidly helps to significantly increase your output, allowing you to accomplish in minutes what would typically take days.

Multi-Language Support

With the capability to write in 135 languages, Co-Writer surpasses the linguistic range of many other platforms, making it a versatile tool for international businesses and multilingual content creators.

Customization and Creativity

Co-Writer works closely with you to customize features, ensuring you can write precisely what you want and how you want it. Additionally, it serves as a catalyst for creativity, aiding in brainstorming new ideas and overcoming writer’s block.

Company-Specific Training

Co-Writer uses your company’s data to train language models, building modules with customized workflows that meet your corporate needs.

Real-World Applications

Co-Writer’s flexibility enables a wide range of use cases:

Press Release Writer

Co-Writer’s AI-driven Press Release Writer module can draft press releases that cater to your corporate communication needs. After providing basic input, the module generates a draft that can be further edited, proofread, or rewritten by your team.

Market Review Writer

For companies aiming to save time and resources in writing detailed market reports, the Market Review Writer is an ideal choice. This module is trained using Business Analyst Reports sources chosen by the company, ensuring high-quality accuracy and quick key trend detection in your industry.

Action Classifier

The Action Classifier module is a powerful tool for classifying large datasets into predefined categories and classes. This module reduces human error when categorizing different types of unstructured data, enabling organizations to spot patterns in their datasets quickly while saving labor costs.


Co-Writer offers tiered pricing options to suit different needs:

  • Try it for Free: Limited to 50 AI generations in total.
  • Solopreneur License: € 39 / Month, includes 450 AI generations per month.
  • Team Package: € 29 / Month (per user), offering unlimited AI generations for teams of 5 to 50 users.

Concerns and Limitations

While Co-Writer offers impressive capabilities, users should be aware of potential limitations. For instance, the tool’s output, while fast and efficient, is still dependent on the quality and specificity of user input. Furthermore, while the platform supports 135 languages, it’s unclear how well it performs in languages other than English.


Co-Writer is a promising AI tool that offers significant benefits for businesses and content creators. By leveraging AI technology, Co-Writer enables more efficient, tailored, and creative content production, making it a valuable addition to any company’s communication workflow.

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