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Clusterly: Automated SEO Content Clusters

Clusterly SEO content clusters


Clusterly is an AI-powered platform focused on automating the process of content cluster creation. It aims to simplify the production of SEO-optimized articles while understanding your specific niche and target audience. Though the platform primarily functions as a web app, it provides a hassle-free CMS integration, making it convenient for users to publish directly to WordPress.

Features & Benefits

  • SEO Mastery: Advanced SEO techniques are integrated into the content, improving search result rankings.
  • Keyword Insights & Trend Analysis: The tool offers real-time keyword trends, allowing users to adapt content accordingly.
  • Hassle-Free CMS Integration: Users can publish directly to WordPress, with more CMS integrations anticipated in the future.
  • Seamless Internal Linking: This feature facilitates user navigation and enhances SEO by smartly linking relevant content.
  • Adaptable Tone Control: Customizable tone settings allow alignment with a brand’s voice and audience preferences.
  • Multilingual Content Support: The platform supports multiple languages to reach a global audience.
  • Speedy Bulk Generation: Clusterly can generate multiple articles quickly without compromising on quality.
  • AI with Human Touch: While the content is AI-generated, it aims to maintain authenticity and engagement.

Real-world Applications

Clusterly is well-suited for a range of industries requiring content marketing, such as e-commerce, healthcare, technology, and education. Startups, bloggers, and niche site owners will find the tool particularly useful for generating large volumes of interconnected, SEO-optimized content. Additionally, its multilingual support makes it apt for businesses aiming for global reach.

Pricing & Discount

OfferFeatures IncludedPromo Regular
Lifetime AccessUnlimited Content
Real-time Insights
Content Inspiration
Priority Support
$99 $850


  • Currently limited to WordPress integration.
  • Might require manual adjustments to meet highly specialized content needs.
  • The AI might not fully capture the nuances of every brand voice.


  • Data Privacy: While automated, the platform does collect data on your niche and audience preferences.
  • Usability: The user interface might have a learning curve for those not familiar with content clustering or SEO.
  • Compatibility: As of now, it mainly supports WordPress, limiting CMS options.

Potential Future Developments

  • CMS Integration Rollouts: Additional CMS support to extend usability.
  • Platform Localization: Catering to more languages and regions.
  • Tiered Subscription Plans: Different packages for varied user needs.

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