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Clodura: Elevating B2B Lead Generation

Clodura is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the B2B lead generation process. By offering a suite of tools that facilitate the identification and engagement with potential customers, Clodura aims to enhance sales productivity and efficiency. It stands out by providing high-precision data, direct dial capabilities, and actionable sales intelligence, among other features, to ensure sales teams can target and connect with decision-makers effectively.

Features & Benefits

  • High-Precision Company & Contact Search: Offers access to an extensive database of companies and contacts, ensuring users can find their target customers with accuracy.
  • Direct Dial Phone Number Directory: Bypasses traditional gatekeepers by providing direct phone numbers, improving connection rates with decision-makers.
  • Technology Install Base Data: Enables users to prospect intelligently based on a target buyer’s technology landscape, facilitating more relevant conversations.
  • Sales Intelligence: Delivers real-time opportunity triggers and actionable insights, helping users to never miss a sales opportunity.
  • Sale Cadence: Allows for the setup of personalized sales cadences to enhance interactions with potential customers.
  • Org Chart: Helps identify decision-makers within organizations, simplifying the sales process.
  • Custom Research: Provides tailor-made lists of companies and contacts based on specific customer needs.
  • Integration: Ensures seamless integration with existing Sales & Marketing technology stacks.

Clodura Platforms

  • Web App

Clodura Tasks

  • High-precision company and contact search
  • Direct dialing and sales intelligence gathering
  • Technology stack landscape analysis
  • Sales cadence setup and organization chart visualization
  • Custom research for tailored prospect lists

Clodura Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • Fresh Sales
  • Gmail
  • Outlook

Real-world Applications

Clodura’s capabilities make it a valuable asset across various industries, particularly those involved in B2B sales and marketing. By providing accurate data and insightful intelligence, it helps businesses:

  • Improve their lead generation strategies with targeted prospect lists.
  • Enhance sales efficiency by directly connecting with decision-makers.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns with in-depth technographic data.
  • Tailor sales pitches to the specific needs and technologies used by prospects.
  • Reduce time and resources spent on manual data collection and verification.
  • Increase the ROI of sales and marketing efforts through better targeting.
  • Facilitate account-based marketing strategies with detailed organizational charts.
  • Enable sales teams to prioritize leads with actionable sales intelligence.
  • Streamline sales processes with automated sales cadences.
  • Support strategic business decisions with comprehensive market and competitor analysis.

Who is Clodura for

  • Marketers
  • Sales professionals
  • Business Development Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Marketing Strategists

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice per User/MonthEmail UnlocksAI WriterOrg Chart
Free Forever$0100/Month2,500 words/Month100/Month
Starter$49Unlimited300,000 words/MonthUnlimited
Enterprise$99Unlimited1 million words/MonthUnlimited

Clodura Free Version



  • Data Accuracy: While Clodura promises high accuracy rates, the dynamic nature of B2B data means there’s always a risk of encountering outdated information.
  • Technology Coverage: Despite covering over 15,000 technologies, there might be gaps in less common or emerging tech solutions.
  • Integration Complexity: Some users may find integrating Clodura with their existing tech stack challenging, depending on the systems in use.


  • Data Privacy: Users may have concerns about how their and their prospects’ data is managed and protected.
  • Usability: The platform’s wide range of features might overwhelm new users, necessitating a learning curve.
  • Cost: While Clodura offers a free version, the cost of premium plans may be a consideration for small businesses or startups.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the database to include emerging technologies and startups.
  • Enhancing integration capabilities for a smoother user experience with a broader range of CRM and marketing automation platforms.
  • Implementing advanced AI features for predictive sales analytics, offering deeper insights into potential sales outcomes.

Feeling ready to take your B2B lead generation to the next level?

Give Clodura a try and discover how it can help you streamline your sales process and connect with your ideal customers more efficiently.

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