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CheggMate: Homework AI Assistant


CheggMate is a digital platform designed to assist students with their homework and assignments using advanced AI technology. It provides solutions and explanations for a wide range of academic subjects. The AI tool integrates with various educational platforms.

Features & Benefits

  • Question Database: Access to over 90 million questions for a comprehensive understanding of various topics.
  • AI Solutions: Immediate answers using advanced AI models like GPT-4 and Gemini.
  • AI Studymates: Detailed, step-by-step explanations for academic questions, enhancing understanding.
  • Textbook Answers: Central access point for numerous textbook solutions.
  • Integration with Major Educational Platforms: Combines resources from Chegg, CourseHero, StuDocu, Quizlet, and more.
  • Personalized Guidance: Tailored academic support through community Q&As and expert assistance.
  • Diverse Tools for Academics:
    • Math Solver: Detailed solutions for math problems.
    • Grammar Checker: Improves writing by checking grammar and spelling.
    • Code Generator: Assists in writing code for various programming languages.
    • Essay Tools: Helps in writing and enhancing essays and articles.

CheggMate Platforms

Web app

CheggMate Tasks

  • Solve homework and academic questions across various subjects.
  • Provide step-by-step academic solutions.
  • Offer personalized AI-driven tutoring.
  • Generate code snippets in multiple programming languages.
  • Check and correct grammatical errors in text.

CheggMate Integrations

  • Educational platforms:
    Blackboard, Canvas, Coursera, D2L, edX, Google Doc, Kadenze, Khan Academy, McGraw Hill, Udemy, Moodle, Pearson, Udacity, Socrative, Zoom
  • AI LLMs: GPT-4, Claude, Gemini

Real-world applications

The homework AI tool excels in a student’s daily academic life, from cracking complex calculus problems to writing flawless essays. Its integration capabilities mean you can directly use it on educational platforms like Canvas or Moodle, seamlessly blending with students’ existing study environments. In a late-night study session the homework AI acts as your round-the-clock tutor, preventing those last-minute pre-exam panics. CheggMate could even help a desperate student compose a poetic excuse for why their home assignment is late—though its primary aim is definitely to make sure you get that homework done on time!

Who is CheggMate for

  • Students
  • Tutors
  • Educational Institutions
  • Anyone engaged in learning

Pricing & Discount

Plan TypeDurationPrice
Pro1 month$13.99
Pro3 months$29.97
Pro1 year$101.88
Pay-as-you-goN/A15 credits for $4.99, 100 credits for $19.99

CheggMate Free version

Not available


  • The platform requires a subscription or pay-as-you-go credits for full access.
  • It focuses on academic assistance and may not cover non-academic content comprehensively.


  • Data Privacy: Handling of personal and educational data.
  • Cost: Subscription might be a concern for budget-conscious students.
  • Learning Curve: Familiarity with the platform’s multiple features and integrations.
  • AI detection penalties: Test any CheggMate written content with an AI detector before submitting your assignemnts.

Potential Future Developments

  • Offer a free tier: Even if it has limitations it will help students evaluate the homework AI and compare with other platforms such as Homeworkify and QuestionAI.
  • Adding a browser extensio: At present ChegMate suggest using Jenni AI to assist students.

Try CheggMate today and see how it can transform your study sessions!

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